Above and Beyond: Wiraya and A GAME ABOVE

Wiraya and A GAME ABOVE have signed a long-term strategic alliance that it’s hoped will significantly boost both companies.

The new combo is expected to garner big benefit from the recent entry of A GAME ABOVE into the North America market of USA, Canada and Mexico.

A GAME ABOVE was specifically established to create, sell and operate promotions to drive customer sales and deliver engagement, life-cycle and lifetime value for clients.

Wiraya software, meantime, engages consumers during the consumer life-cycle to operate in the right channel at the right time, helping consumers produce previously unclaimed revenue.

“We are constantly innovating to ensure precise and successful communications at scale,” said Wiraya CEO, Johan Jardevall.

“We’re excited about the partnership with A GAME ABOVE, as their sales promotions are uniquely tailored to deliver gaming communications flows through our technology, offering the right experience to the right customer via the right channels and messages at the right time.

“Working together enables us to further improve customer lifetime value for our shared clients.”

Steen Madsen, GAME ABOVE CEO, added: “Since our launch, we have shown how our customer experience promotions gain, retain and maintain consumers across the life-cycle.

“We are delighted to have agreed a partnership with Wiraya and the shared work across the teams has already produced a clear obsession with perfecting customer experiences that engage and enhance lifetime value and extend life-cycle.”

Bill Pascrell III, President of A GAME ABOVE, North America, said: “Joining forces will allow us to create new and effective A GAME ABOVE customer stories, combined with Wiraya’s world-class software and communications.

“I cannot wait to introduce our unique, combined offering to North America.”

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