Accelerate your iGaming Success with GR8 Tech: A Recap of ICE 2023

“Every year, ICE provides a great opportunity to meet all gambling industry representatives, set up meetings and discuss business opportunities. This year GR8 Tech was presented at ICE as a new B2B player. We used the ICE event as a platform to set up important meetings with existing and potential clients, which definitely gives us a great opportunity to grow our business,” said Evgen Belousov, GR8 Tech CEO.

GR8 Tech’s boutique approach applies perfectly to ICE London’s signature one-on-one meetings. So the company used the opportunity to connect with potential clients and introduce them to its product line-up, which includes the iGaming Platform, the Parimatch franchise, and a unique for the iGaming market BaaS (Business as a Service) offer. Each of them effectively addresses the typical challenges operators face every day, such as the instability and unreliability of solutions pieced together from different providers, the lack of quality support, and the lack of adaptability and scalability that hinder business growth, helping iGaming companies fully unlock their growth potential.

With its focus on personalised, high-quality service and its commitment to solving the pain points faced by iGaming operators, GR8 Tech is well-positioned to shake up the industry. Dmytro Paliants, GR8 Tech BDO, expressed his optimism about the event’s results, stating that around two-thirds of the partners they met showed interest in further negotiations with GR8 Tech.

“The only but very important notice at the moment is that, as a B2B provider with an individual approach, GR8 Tech cannot and will not seek to enter into as many contracts as possible. Our solutions are most useful for operators who are ready to grow and scale, so we seek to start cooperation with these selected few,” noted Dmytro.

Operators who wish to join the negotiations while they are still ongoing are welcome to contact GR8 Tech at [email protected].

In addition to connecting with potential clients and industry partners, GR8 Tech also shared its expertise during ICE London. GR8 Tech CEO, Evgen Belousov, held several interviews with international media, discussing the company’s recent market entry, transformation, and industry trends and prospects.

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