AffPapa and Casino Guru Enter Strategic Partnership

AffPapa is excited to announce its recent partnership with Casino Guru, a top online casino database.

Casino Guru encourages online casinos to establish a safer atmosphere by creating higher standards for the gambling industry. In turn, the online casino database educates players to make sound judgments by providing instructional information that focuses on informing users about how casino games function and the risks associated with them.

Casino Guru News, a relatively new project of Casino Guru, covers the most recent industry news in addition to providing exclusive interviews, in-depth articles, and much more.

Daniela Kianicová, Public and External Relations Lead at Casino Guru, stated, ““I am happy to announce this new opportunity with AffPapa, a company that has demonstrated its qualities over the years. Our mission at Casino Guru remains unchanged – to provide consumers with the best possible iGaming experience. The team is confident that this new opportunity will help us better our understanding of the market and the players’ place in it.”

Yeva Avagyan, Head of Commercials at AffPapa, commented,  “I am pleased to announce our recent partnership with Casino Guru. Striving to create a safer gaming environment, Casino Guru assists players in navigating the world of online casinos. It’s been a pleasure working with the team so far, and I am confident that this will be a very beneficial collaboration for both parties involved.”

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