AffPapa iGaming Awards 2022 Winners Announced

AffPapa is proud to announce the winners of its first iGaming Awards (AIA) and discuss upcoming plans.

The AffPapa iGaming Awards debuted in early April, aiming to highlight the industry’s top performers. With over 20 nominations, the Awards attracted some of the biggest names from across the world. 

The voting period ended on Friday (June 24th), leaving the weekend to determine who would take home the Award. 

Yeva Avagyan, Head of Commercials at AffPapa, highlighted: “As we mark the end of our first AffPapa iGaming Awards, I want to congratulate all the winners and honour their hard work over the previous year. We are very grateful for the overwhelming support and positive response received from everyone in the industry!”

AffPapa doesn’t stop here though. The winners will be presented with their awards in person at the iGaming Club Amsterdam on July 5th, welcoming over 120 attendees.

“Pulling all of this together in such a style is a true accomplishment for us and it once again demonstrates AffPapa’s stellar reputation in the sphere. This is only the beginning; next up is iGaming Club Amsterdam!” he continued.

And with that, thanks to our incredible sponsors and partners, as well as everyone who participated, AffPapa wraps up its debut iGaming Awards, with so much more to come.

Click here to check out the full list of AIA award winners.

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