Aircash Forges Strategic Partnership with Novibet, Expanding Operations in Greece

Aircash, a pioneering force in the ever-evolving mobile ecosystem, has reached a significant milestone by signing a strategic contract with Novibet, an established GameTech company with a robust presence in Europe, the Americas, and New Zealand. This collaboration marks a pivotal moment for Aircash as it extends its global impact.

The year for Aircash has started with remarkable momentum, marked by numerous new agreements and strategic alliances, strengthening its position as a driving force in the industry. Building on this success, the partnership with Novibet propels Aircash into an exciting phase of growth and innovation. Aircash holds the esteemed position of a Licensed Electronic Money Institution in the EU. Recognized by the European Banking Authority and registered as an official Mastercard EU Issuer, Aircash also operates as a regulated financial institution in Switzerland under the supervision of the Swiss SRO. The company is not just a local player but is actively making a global impact.

Mark Watts, Aircash igaming Executive Director expressed the significance of the partnership: “This strategic partnership with Novibet is a testament to Aircash’s commitment to innovation and global expansion. As we focus heavily on the Greek market this year, this collaboration aligns perfectly with our vision for delivering cutting-edge financial solutions to users in the region.”

Nick Bachas, Chief Strategic Partnerships & Project Officer, Novibet, shared his thoughts on the collaboration: “This partnership with Aircash represents a significant step forward for Novibet as we continue our mission to deliver an unparalleled online gaming experience to our customers worldwide. Aircash’s commitment to innovation aligns seamlessly with our own ethos, and we are excited about the possibilities this collaboration will unfold.”

Novibet, an innovative GameTech company, has been a key player in Europe (Greece, Ireland, Italy, Cyprus), the Americas (Brazil, Mexico, Chile, Ecuador, Canada), and New Zealand since 2010. With tech hubs in Greece and Malta and over 850 employees across countries, Novibet is committed to delivering the best online sports betting and entertainment experience. Licensed and regulated by HGC, MGA, ADM, and Irish Revenue Commissioners, Novibet boasts its proprietary betting platform, constantly evolving to meet and exceed industry trends, providing unparalleled excitement to sports enthusiasts.

Aircash’s services offer one-click deposits and withdrawals, with additional benefits such as gaming vouchers and utility bill payments through Aircash Marketplace promotions.

This collaboration between Aircash and Novibet signifies a powerful union, combining Aircash’s innovative financial solutions with Novibet’s commitment to delivering an exceptional online gaming experience. Together, they aim to set new industry standards for safety, efficiency, and user satisfaction.

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