AstroPay will be Sponsoring SBC Digital India

The decision of taking part in this event is motivated by the steady work the company has been developing in the country and by the array of business opportunities it offers. Digital India also provides the chance to network with relevant actors from the industry.

At the event, the company will be promoting One Touch, AstroPay digital wallet that can be integrated from a simplified integration process through an auto enrolment channel, with little to no IT intervention required on the merchant side. It provides the possibility of identifying users from a single code, as well as having a closed loop on them – diminishing the chances of fraud. The possibility of receiving deposits from a simple touch, with automatic approval for recurring users, generates greater fluency and less friction in the interaction between the merchant and its customers.

Users have an immediate payment option available from a simple “touch”, which allows them to have their funds in just one place, with almost no friction. This multi-currency solution complies with high-security standards that guarantee the prevention of fraud.

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