B2Tech Partners with Kiron Interactive to Introduce Data-Efficient Sports Betting in Africa

Specialist virtual sports and numbers game supplier, Kiron Interactive, has unveiled Kiron.Lite, a data-efficient platform designed to deliver premium sports betting content in a cost-effective manner for the African market.

Kiron has joined forces with platform provider B2Tech, facilitating the debut of Kiron.Lite across 19 African countries where B2Tech has a strong operational presence.

Designed with the unique demands of African markets in mind, where minimal mobile data consumption is a crucial aspect, Kiron.Lite will be integrated with BetMan, Kiron’s versatile remote gaming server. This platform will smoothly mesh with customer Wallet APIs.

The initial rollout of Kiron.Lite will include four of Kiron’s well-received football products: Goal virtual leagues featuring teams from various international leagues, World Cup Tournaments, Champions Cup, Goal, and Virtual Football Jackpot. These products are well-positioned to satisfy the demand left by the end of the English Premier League season, a notable draw for African sports bettors.

Kiron.Lite’s versions of these offerings will require substantially less data than their original counterparts by removing data-heavy visual elements, yet still delivering the thrill of in-play betting.

The new platform maintains all the key features required for a comprehensive betting experience, enabling round-the-clock placement of multiple bets across 50 fixtures using the same betting markets as live football.

Staggered events every two minutes mimic the excitement of in-play betting, providing non-stop wagering opportunities in a fully customisable package. Operators can tailor content, colour theme, odds, and event frequency to meet the preferences of local audiences in any market.

Kiron Co-CEO, Steven Spartinos said: “Kiron.Lite is a significant step forward in content provision in Africa. While it’s well known that the many individual markets here are diverse, one characteristic they share is that mobile data is at a premium and today’s most advanced content can be demanding.

“That’s why we developed Kiron.Lite. It’s a unique product that works seamlessly with operators to deliver the popular content their customers demand in a manner that suits their data lite requirements. It’s lighter but powerful at the same time, offering new opportunities to providers across the continent.”

Tzahi Asulin, B2Tech CEO added: “We are very excited that Kiron has given us the nod to deploy this unique and exciting product to the African market before anyone else, it’s a great opportunity for us to continue providing the best and improved gaming experiences to our customers on all devices.

This product could not have come at a more perfect time as we know that virtual sports products are at their most popular amongst punters during the football off-season.

“We have no doubt that our customers will enjoy the superior experience and appreciate the advantages of using a platform that is not heavy on data on their mobile devices.”

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