Bayes Esports and ESL FACEIT Group Announce Landmark Long-Term Strategic Partnership

Bayes Esports, the leading source for official esports live data, and ESL FACEIT Group (EFG), the leading competitive games and esports company, today announced a strategic match data partnership that will run until 2025. The collaboration will see Bayes Esports become the exclusive match data provider for several esports leagues, tournaments, and events hosted by EFG, comprising all ESL Pro Tour in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO) competitions, ESL Impact and FACEIT Collegiate CS:GO Tournaments, and all of EFG’s Dota 2 properties.

Bayes Esports and EFG are expanding their partnership after successful preceding relationships aimed at building the match data infrastructure necessary for esports to reach its full potential. With Bayes Esports’ cutting-edge technology in the esports data industry and EFG’s leading position and experience in the competitive games and esports industry, both parties are able to continue benefiting from the strategic partnership and professionalize the esports industry as a whole.

In addition, both companies will establish a dedicated team to innovate and transform in the space of data-driven content creation and EFG will gain access to the existing technological product portfolio of Bayes Esports. Furthermore, both companies will continue to collaborate on best-in-class practices to protect the integrity of esports, which includes the use of Bayes Esports’ premium integrity market monitoring and rightsholder protection. Besides continuing to advance esports integrity and the expansion of the offered data portfolio through the added FACEIT-branded and ESL Impact competitions, the new partnership also includes new data-driven Bayes Esports brand integrations in broadcast segments and at live events.

Moreover, Bayes Esports and EFG are looking to build on the existing game data technology stack to create innovative solutions for media and fans. This includes the development of data-driven and automated content-creation solutions for EFG and its partners. One such solution lies in the further development of “Project V,” an innovative tool that automatically synchronizes video and data to create content such as highlight clips that can be posted on social media.

Martin Dachselt, CEO & Managing Director of Bayes Esports, stated: “What a tremendous start we have had to 2023. To be able to make some many impactful announcements, one of which being this absolutely momentous partnership with EFG, is incredible. Besides being a great sign for us that shows that we are on the right track and that what we are doing is catching on with the industry’s most important players, it’s also a clear statement towards the gray market of the esports data industry. With the leader in competitive games and esports and data from over 12.000 matches by our side, we can move forward and continue to shape esports around official data, ensure the integrity of its biggest events and give those that hurt the long-term development of this industry through improper offerings no quarter.”

“Over the last couple of years, we were able to establish uniform industry standards for official data together with Bayes Esports. Because of our joint initiatives, we are at the forefront of preserving and promoting integrity in esports,” said Bernhard Mogk, Senior Vice President of Global Business Development & Commercial Strategy at EFG. “We are excited to continue our long-term strategic partnership and to keep on innovating in the area of data-driven content solutions to create additional value that will contribute to the long-term commercial sustainability of the entire ecosystem.”

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