Bayes Esports Announces Launch of Communication Services – Providing High-Quality Content at Fixed Prices for the Entire Esports Industry

Bayes Esports, the leading source for official esports live data, announces the launch of a central esports communication platform. Bayes ONE aims to connect the esports industry by providing transparent and affordable content creation services that are specifically designed to fit the needs of the esports industry.

The esports landscape is developing at an incredible rate. New and innovative ideas, from game titles to business-to-business solutions, enter the industry on a regular basis. Some of these ideas hold the potential to leave a lasting impact and elevate the industry to a whole new level, all of which help esports to continue to develop and move forward.

Yet the majority of these ideas are not able to realize their full potential, not because they were flawed to begin with, but because they were never heard.
Startups and small businesses trying to establish themselves may find themselves struggling to establish connections with high-profile media and journalists. They often lack the resources required to create engaging content even if those connections existed.

For those businesses, traditional PR agencies might look like possible solutions to their problems at first glance. However, too often these agencies lack the necessary expertise in esports and are not transparent about what they offer. Moreover, their pricing structures often exceed the resources available to those new to the industry.

Bayes ONE aims to bring change and allow for more voices in esports, regardless of their size or niche, to be heard. It acts as a central communications platform that creates content for all types of businesses in esports and distributes it via an extensive network to ensure the messages are heard by their intended audience.

Communication services are offered as packages that can be scaled and customized to fit the needs and resources of the customers. The entry-level package offers the creation and distribution of press releases and content for websites and social media platforms and can be trialled for €1.200 per Month, allowing the voices and ideas of new entrants to the esports landscape to be heard. Higher-level packages designed to enable businesses to establish themselves as thought-leaders of the esports industry include speaking opportunities at conferences and the creation of in-depth articles distributed to the most relevant media platforms in esports.

Bayes ONE is built on the experience and success of Bayes Esports’ communication efforts. Since Bayes Esports was founded in 2019, it has formed an extensive media network that includes over 80 different outlets spanning from community-driven to B2B platforms.

Bayes ONE’s team is led by Bayes Esports Senior Director of Public Relations Prof. Dr. Susanne Ardisson. Susanne has worked for international companies as a Senior PR Consultant for more than 15 years, including companies such as Readly and Delivery Hero.

Ardisson explained: “Bayes ONE is the next big step for Bayes Esports, but in particular for my team and me. During my time here at Bayes Esports, we have learned a lot about the industry. How to approach different target groups, which outlets can be used to reach them, which content formats work best for which kind of messages, which topics should be addressed and which should be avoided, and so much more. We are excited to be able to use that expertise to give smaller businesses in particular the opportunity to be heard and change the industry just as Bayes Esports did when it first started out. It is our goal to support the next success stories of esports from day one and shape the future of esports together.”

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