Bejoynd and Mindway AI in new responsible gaming collaboration

Bejoynd and Mindway AI are proud to present their collaboration, creating synergy by bringing their fields of expertise together in a new partnership.

Stability and responsible gambling is what Bejoynd and Mindway AI offer the iGaming industry in their new collaboration. Bejoynd provides a reliable and stable platform, while Mindway AI ensures player protection through the precise detection of at-risk and problem gamblers through GameScanner.

“It is important for us to take responsibility and to see in what direction the world is going in the iGaming industry. In our collaboration with Mindway, the customers can focus more on the fun parts of gambling but still be responsible” says COO Mahmoud Haidar, Bejoynd.

“We are very excited about joining forces with Bejoynd and creating synergy by combining their state-of-the-art software solutions with our award-winning GameScanner. We see our new partnership as a great step towards making sustainable gambling more easily accessible to operators and as a result also to gamblers,” says CEO Rasmus Kjaergaard, Mindway AI.

Bejoynd provides the iGaming industry with state-of-the-art software solutions, combining 10 years of experience with new technologies.

GameScanner is part of the Mindway Solution Suite that offers a range of solutions to iGaming operators to ensure gambler protection through the synergy of highly advanced artificial intelligence, neuroscience and expert ratings.

Implemented at iGaming operator sites and platforms, GameScanner automatically monitors and analyzes every event of every gambler 24-7-365, resulting in profiling of gamblers according to their risk level. GameScanner is the first responsible gambling solution to have its performance tested and verified by GLI, the gaming industry’s leading testing and assessment company.

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