BetCris Launches in Poland

Since it was established in Latin America, Betcris has been known as the main sports wagering operator throughout the region. It has been fundamental for shaping the region’s sports betting industry and has played an integral role in seeing the market grow. Betcris has become incredibly well-known in Latin America for its transparent and fair-play sports betting solutions and is now looking for international expansion. The essential sports betting option for enthusiasts across Latin America, Betcris has now started its foray into the European market. Betcris has become the latest licensed operator to offer its services in Poland.

Poland has fostered a solid sports wagering market over the recent years. Last year, it saw a handle of roughly $1.85 billion, with private operators contributing $205.6 million to the country through tax revenue. The past two years have brought double-digit growth in the online gaming industry in the country, with extensive gains seen during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Betcris CEO JD Duarte asserts, “It is a great day for Betcris. Starting operations in Poland was a great choice, the local work team has made sure that the Betcris brand maintains its level of excellence and we are excited about all the possibilities that this opens for us as a company. Betcris has earned its leadership position in Latin America and now that we come to Poland, we will continue to make history. I love entering new markets and zeroing in on what makes customers happy. We have a great team that I’m sure will accomplish great things. Polsko, wchodzimy do gry!”

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