BETER and Bayes Esports Extend Data Partnership to Enhance Odds Marketplace

Bayes Esports, a prominent supplier of official esports live data, services, and products, has announced a multi-year extension of its partnership with BETER, a leading provider of betting content and data. This collaboration aims to expand BETER’s premium content offering by integrating comprehensive coverage of CS2 and Dota 2 tournaments, with additional game titles in the pipeline.

In this partnership extension, BETER gains access to Bayes Esports’ visualization tools and adds a significant amount of premium coverage of CS2 and Dota 2 esports matches to its portfolio. Meanwhile, Bayes Esports enhances BETER’s esports offering with advanced visualization tools powered by official live data, including Bayes Video for Bettors, to elevate platform engagement and enhance user retention.

Furthermore, Bayes Esports expands its marketplace by adding more BETER odds, enabling customers to access multiple odds providers through a single integration. This offers flexibility for betting companies when selecting an odds provider and building a diverse betting portfolio.

The partnership program includes BETER, Pinnacle, and DATA.BET, aiming to promote companies dedicated to maintaining the integrity of esports.

By extending this partnership, both BETER and Bayes Esports reinforce their commitment to delivering exceptional esports data and betting solutions to the igaming industry, ensuring a high-quality betting experience for customers.

“We are pleased to extend our longstanding and reliable partnership with Bayes Esports. They have proven themselves as a dependable data partner, which is why we have taken the decision to extend our collaboration,” says Evgeniy Bekker, Esports General Manager at BETER. “Our partnership will enable both parties to continue offering top-quality odds and betting services, providing customers with more choice and flexibility. This partnership extension is the next step in BETER’s global strategy to utilize official data in order to provide customers with the highest uptime on the market and better engagement.”

“BETER are experts in their field of providing betting services, so we are thrilled to have them onboard as a strategic partner. Our offerings are complementary to one another, enabling us to provide enhanced esports solutions to the market.” says Amir Mirzaee, Co-CEO and Managing Director at Bayes Esports. “This collaboration reflects our joint commitment to elevating industry standards and strengthening the integrity of the esports ecosystem,”

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