Betmotion Players Can Now Make Deposits from R$1 via PIX

Betmotion, the leading Latin American gambling site dedicated to Sportsbook, Casino and Bingo games, has reduced its minimum deposit value via PIX Key to R$ 1 from R$ 20.

This progressive move from Betmotion allows Brazilian bettors to access the site and enjoy the various products with minimal cost.

“As a pioneer among betting and online gaming houses, Betmotion was a first-mover to accept PIX as a payment method. Now we’ve gone a step further by vastly reducing the deposit fee to enable more bettors to enjoy our betting service with a lower sign-up, always with convenience, speed, and security.” says Betmotion COO, Luis Traversa.

There are two ways for Brazilian bettors to make deposits via PIX on the Betmotion website. One of which is using a QR Code and the other is via PIX Key. It must be noted that it is only through the latter that players will be able to deposit from R$ 1.

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