Beyond The iGaming Boundaries With GeoComply’s Anna Sainsbury

Because rules and regulations vary by jurisdiction, navigating digital and online licensing and operating requirements can be more than challenging.

But one paramount criteria that remains consistent across all geographical boundaries is the necessity to accurately identify, verify, and locate new online customers. And, crucially, to keep them safe.

GeoComply, a cybersecurity company and the global leader in geolocation compliance solutions, is meeting these industry challenges head-on: supplying stakeholders with solutions and striving to create a more secure internet for consumers.

Today, we’re talking with the company’s Co-Founder and current CEO, Anna Sainsbury.

Her business acumen, success and contribution to entrepreneurship has been recognised multiple times. Anna’s been named the Global Gaming Awards “American Executive of the Year” – not once but twice. And she’s received an RBC Momentum Award and been named on MacLean’s Power List 2024.

Anna has grown GeoComply into a global organisation since founding the company in 2011; working closely with regulators, operators, and suppliers across North America, Australia, Asia and Europe. Throughout her sterling executive journey she’s also invested substantially in Corporate Social Responsibility, creating projects like Conscious Gaming.

Before establishing GeoComply, Anna lectured in Advanced Sportsbetting Regulation at the University of New Hampshire’s Franklin Pierce School of Law.

Her impressive resume also includes serving on the American Gaming Association and MVB Bank boards and years of experience in compliance testing at the leading Technical Systems Testing. In short, she’s one of the field’s leading Compliance and cybersecurity experts.

What are the unique features of GeoComply, and how does it address challenges in the iGaming industry?

“In 2013, we established the gold-standard for geolocation compliance and in the decade since, we’ve committed to elevate our solutions to meet the demands of our dynamic industry.

“GeoComply prides itself on being a problem solver. When operators struggled to identify and authenticate new customers, we created an efficient Know Your Customer (KYC) solution. When fraud rings targeted the online betting industry, we turned our data and analysis experience into a powerful fraud-fighting tool. With our acquisition of OneComply just over a year ago, we are helping gaming companies and individuals overcome the stress and complexities of jurisdictional licensing.

“Looking forward, we are excited to keep pushing the boundaries of what is possible in geolocation technology to support our industry beyond just verifying location, but also fighting fraud and providing operators with unique business insights. With several new features set to roll out, we aim to continue enhancing the operational effectiveness of our clients while safeguarding the end-user experience.”

What it’s like to have created a game-changing product that has contributed to managing the state-by-state rollout of gambling across America.

“Quite honestly, I am humbled that our innovative technology has helped to establish a legal US industry that has delivered billions in tax dollars to states so that they can address critical needs like education, healthcare, and infrastructure.

“It wasn’t really something I was focused on when we were trying to solve the geolocation puzzle, but it is a gratifying byproduct of our collective success, especially because of our customers, as a new industry.”

What markets are you currently focusing on? Could you share some of your plans for the future with us?

“Brazil is definitely at the top of our customers’ minds, so we’ve also made it a priority. The country’s regulators have emphasized geolocation and KYC/Anti-Money Laundering (AML) compliance, and we recently announced an exciting partnership with Caf to deliver bespoke solutions that will allow companies to maximize the Brazilian market opportunity.

“We also believe there is still significant growth forthcoming in the US. States like Texas and Georgia are on the cusp of legalization, and we are working with other industry stakeholders to advance the discussion about the merits of a regulated market for consumer protection and tax revenue. Our solutions also support the growing interest in cashless gaming at casinos across the country and empower Tribal casinos to offer Class II mobile games at their casino properties.

“Beyond gaming, we have established that our technology has utility across various e-commerce industries. Over the next year, we will continue to grow our customers in digital streaming media, social media and financial services.”

Does the iGaming industry do enough to protect players, and what could we be doing better?

“The primary purpose of a regulated industry is to protect players and give them a safe and accountable alternative to the illegal black market that has had a grip on consumers for far too long. There is no question that legal operators have raised the bar on consumer protection, but the bar can and will go even higher.

“As the industry matures, so does our understanding of consumer behaviors. Technology is evolving quickly in this area to analyze and detect not just problem gambling but also fraud and integrity issues. We’ve proudly committed resources towards R&D so that GeoComply is on the leading-edge of delivering new solutions that create a safer internet for consumers.

“Our commitment goes beyond merely maintaining compliance; it’s about setting the pace for what is possible in the realm of online betting. As the industry evolves, so too will our technologies, ensuring that we continue to offer unmatched efficiency and innovation that benefits consumers and our customers.”

You’ve been named American Executive of the Year at the Global Gaming Awards twice; as a woman in a traditionally male-dominated industry, what have been the most significant difficulties on your professional journey? How did you overcome them? And what are the most critical issues facing women in iGaming and the wider gambling industry?

“It’s a hard question because I’ve never been a man, so I don’t know their difficulties. However, one constant hurdle has been the relentless grit required to overcome a continuous stream of new challenges. The long game is learning to continuously innovate and be creative within a repetitive and sometimes monotonous environment.

“Another challenge I’ve personally faced is communicating honestly and directly, even when conversations are sensitive or nuanced. This is particularly difficult in an industry with so many moving parts and diverse stakeholders—regulators, government officials, law enforcement, operators, and suppliers—each with varying perspectives on what constitutes success, especially in areas like compliance, security, KYC and responsible gambling.”

Editor’s Note:

Anna is a professional problem solver who has proudly built GeoComply around this ethos. Her dynamic approach and industry knowledge have been integral to solving the industry’s most pressing tech issues.

Under Anna’s leadership, GeoComply has created KYC software that has been downloaded on over 500 million devices worldwide, fraud-fighting tools, and is now focusing on reducing the stresses of multi-jurisdictional licensing, enhancing the operational effectiveness of iGaming operators, cashless payments, and using tech to detect problem gambling.

It seems there’s no tech or gaming challenge that is too big for this company to scale.

Yet, despite the ease with which Anna seems to wear many hats, one of her biggest struggles—the relentless grit required to overcome a continuous stream of new challenges—is one many tech entrepreneurs experience.

True to her leadership qualities, Anna reminds us that “the long game is learning to continuously innovate and be creative” and that “our commitment goes beyond merely maintaining compliance; it’s about setting the pace for what is possible in the realm of online betting.”

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