Boomerang Sportsbook: An International Betting Brand Making Waves at iGB L!VE 2023

Boomerang Sportsbook is a global betting brand operating online under an international license. The brand is dedicated to continuous improvement, focusing on enhancing its platform’s innovation while ensuring a simple and enjoyable user experience. It is scheduled to have its first official launch in Chile in August 2023 and plans to expand globally into other markets, emphasising the importance of a personalised approach to cater to players from different countries.

Recently, Boomerang Sportsbook made a significant impact at iGB L!VE Amsterdam 2023, one of the largest global events in the gambling industry, which took place from July 11-14. The event brought together industry leaders, including Boomerang Sportsbook, and attracted over 6,000 representatives from 110 countries, all convening at Amsterdam’s RAI conference complex venue.

iGB L!VE provided an excellent platform for affiliates, gambling operators, and betting companies, to discuss the future of the gambling business and explore successful strategies. Attendees had the opportunity to hear from 207 speakers who shared their insights into the industry. With its well-planned networking opportunities, iGB L!VE has become a crucial event of the year.

Boomerang Sportsbook proudly introduced itself to a wide audience at iGB L!VE 2023, meeting partners and scaling up cooperation plans, including the launch of new brands and the exploration of new markets. The brand’s engagement was highlighted as a main sponsor of the Official Networking Party on July 12, bringing together over 1000 guests.

The event proved highly successful for Boomerang Sportsbook, as it strengthened relationships with partners, forged new affiliations, and shared experiences with other brands. The brand left a lasting impression and eagerly anticipates participating in future events to continue its growth trajectory.

Driven by innovation and a global vision, Boomerang Sportsbook remains committed to delivering exceptional betting experiences, while customising its approach to meet the diverse needs of players across different markets.

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