AfricaWinner Selects Delasport for Sports Betting Platform

The major African sports betting market player AfricaWinner has decided to join the iGaming business choosing Delasport as its sports betting platform provider.

AfricaWinner’s Mike Johnson said “We are proud to have Delasport as a partner and to enter this industry fully equipped with the most cutting edge technology and innovation available to capitalize immensely in the African Market.”

With advanced technology in-hand, AfricaWinner has set its sights on becoming a major contender in the African market. The deal looks to expand its portfolio of offerings throughout the year and hit everything from the most sought after to the most niche markets in the sports betting and iGaming world.

AfricaWinner’s partnership with Delasport has adjusted the brand expectation to covet a large player base from its initial launch, setting them up to encompass all that is needed to have consistent growth in any region.

Eli Moscovich, Delasport B2B Director said “We are looking forward to working together with AfricaWinner in bringing our advanced platforms to the African market, we will look to quickly capitalize on our advantages and corner the market until we can be considered the gold standard for sports betting in Africa!”

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