Entain’s Ladbrokes Introduces Specialized Sportsbook Version of Slot Masters

Entain’s Ladbrokes has teamed up with HungryBear Gaming, a game design and development studio based in the UK and Canada, to roll out a sports betting variant of the renowned Slot Masters multiplayer game.

Branded as “Clash of the Day”, this product leverages the same free-to-play tournament mechanics which underpinned the success of the original Slot Masters game. It has been customized to resonate with UK football enthusiasts.

The offering allows Ladbrokes’ clientele to engage in one-on-one competitions with peers, presenting a broad spectrum of potential rewards, encompassing free bets and spins.

Participants can opt to align with a Premier League team or with the proprietary Fanzone FC. To ascend the leaderboard, players must amass sufficient points within the stipulated promotional intervals. Distinguishing it from the conventional Slot Masters experience are the strategic maneuvers players can employ to surpass competitors, which encompass:

  • VAR: Temporarily halts the opponent’s reels.
  • Tackle: Reduces the opponent’s balance by 50%.
  • Wall: Offers immunity against all assaults for a specified duration.
  • Red card: Confiscates 100% of the rival’s funds.

The debut of “Clash of the Day” signifies a pivotal advancement for HungryBear Gaming and Slot Masters, underscoring the product’s adaptability in addressing operator needs and engaging a wider segment beyond the conventional slots demographic in the igaming industry.

Justin Chamberlain, CEO of HungryBear Gaming, said: “The launch of Clash of the Day with Entain and Ladbrokes is an important moment for us. It demonstrates the potential of the Slot Master’s model, providing online sportsbooks and casino with an efficient and fun way to further engage players.

“We’re proud to have taken our partnership with Ladbrokes to the next level. The operator was among the first to back the Slot Masters concept, and we value their trust in deploying this latest sports version.”

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