Exclusive Preview: NEXT.io NY

This March 6-7 leaders and future-thinkers from the world iGaming market will join together in New York City to attend the foremost Online Gambling & Sports Betting Summit in North America. 

NEXT.io NY will play host to over 1,200 top executives and be a unique forum for forging key market-building relationships; connecting Operators with Suppliers, and Start-ups with Investors.

This year, NEXT.io NY has taken its offering to the next level with major upgrades that will maximise the attendee experience – and give more value than ever before. 

This week we caught up with Rory Credland, Head of Commercial, to hear more about the advances the show has made and, most importantly, its essential role in taking the exciting North American iGaming market to the next level.

NEXT.io NY is known for being an exclusive event that caters for a specific sector of the iGaming universe. Can you tell us more about why it’s important for the show to be so selective in regard to its target audience, and how does this further benefit the attendees? 

“NEXT.io prides itself on providing thought leadership to the key decision-makers. In this case, we are hosting the event in NYC to attract the operators and investors who are taking an active role in the North American market. 

“We have created a unique space that offers both education on the latest trends in the region but also allows you to connect with new business opportunities and stakeholders who are making strides in the USA. 

“The content we address is timely and discussion-led which means we are constantly ensuring the focus is on the hot issues for 2025 and beyond. 

“Accompanying this is our plethora of networking opportunities that allow our stakeholders to continue the conversation within the ambient, and iconic, setting of the fabled ‘Big Apple’.”

Could you relate some of the key feedback you received from last year’s show, and how you used it to add value for the 2024 edition?

“We were in a very fortunate position over the last two years to be sold out. 

“But while this was great for PR we also had to address the fact that the event is becoming a main event on the iGaming calendar. So for this year we have moved to a larger venue downtown, 225 Liberty Street; a more modern facility, run by the same company, with more space for us to cater for the waiting list and networking space. 

“The location will now be downtown and the venue itself will provide a much more relaxed environment for the attendees as we move to a new purpose-built location with modern AV, spacious environment, and opportunity to sit and connect with relevant colleagues. It also has given us the opportunity to deliver greater content in dedicated rooms throughout the venue.

“Secondly, we are working on increasing the number of operators in the room for 2024. 

“Last year we had around 20 percent representation of operators. This year we are already at 35 percent; plus we’ve taken the strategic decision to invite operators and affiliates for free to the show, to ensure that there is the opportunity for attendees to connect directly with the brands at the heart of the iGaming market in the USA. 

“We have also worked hard on the agenda to ensure there is a great cross-representation of senior stakeholders from the operators – from BetMGM, 888Holdings, Tipico, Fanatics, Mohegan, DraftKings, Caesars Entertainment and Fanduel, to name a few.”

What will be the main content themes for the show this year? Are there any key speakers already confirmed who you can highlight?

“We will be continuing to look at the M&A activity that is spreading across the USA, but more importantly we have ensured that the operators will have the opportunity to talk one-on-one via a fireside chat, so the audience will hear directly their plans for 2024/25. 

“We have also continued to deliver on our investment and marketing tracks which have attracted a high number of speakers of calibre this year, which will allow the audience to delve deeper into the main areas affecting focus points. 

“Coupled with this, we also have three new tracks: Tribal, Responsible Gambling and Sports & Media 

“Tribal will be a dynamic and thought-provoking track that delves into an array of critical topics. These discussions span shifting perceptions of gaming and betting within tribal communities, navigating complex legal frameworks, and the burgeoning landscape of California sports betting. In addition, sessions uncover strategies for fostering meaningful partnerships and highlight the tremendous potential in social casino opportunities for tribes. 

“For the Sports and Media track, we are delighted to have partnered with John WallStreet – a business located at the intersection of sports and finance that is a must-visit destination for the educated sports fan. 

“With lawmakers, professional sports leagues, and the industry itself making the pursuit of betting easier, faster and more tempting than ever before, it has become apparent that the two sectors are in need of each other. Our partnership with JWS will bring a wider customer base and speakers who will offer insight into the fast-changing landscape and an understanding of what is to be expected in 2024 and beyond.

“Finally, we are also addressing one of the main areas of focus in 2024 with a dedicated Responsible Gaming Symposium. With the entrance of larger public brands getting involved in gambling, it means that it will be gaining mainstream acceptance, which is unlikely to go away anytime soon. 

“As it becomes harder to ignore the revenue possibilities of getting involved in real-money gaming, Responsible Gambling has become a key part of the agenda as legislators take a greater interest in control and awareness. In this, we are delighted to welcome DraftKings, Fanduel and BetMGM together to address the RG implications across America – and explore progressive ways to enhance and embrace collective Safe and Responsible Gambling.”

Editor’s note:

After speaking with Rory, it’s clear that this year’s NEXT.io NY event 

is a must-attend for everyone with a keen interest in North American expansion. 

NEXT.io NY 2024 will be bigger than ever, an essential summit where the most important topics and opportunities facing the booming US iGaming market will be discussed, developed and delivered.

For more information and to book your ticket, be sure to visit www.next.io

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