Fincore and SB22 Forge Pioneering Biometrics Collaboration

Fincore, a provider renowned for its technology and software solutions in the gambling industry, has entered into a groundbreaking agreement with SB22, a supplier specializing in next-generation sports betting retail platforms.

As part of this agreement, SB22 will incorporate Fincore’s facial recognition technology into its proprietary self-service betting kiosks. This integration aims to address critical challenges such as fraud prevention, responsible gambling, and enhanced personalization in the sports betting domain.

SB22 is known for offering the regulated sports betting market a sophisticated self-service retail solution. Fincore’s advanced facial recognition system provides real-time data and detection capabilities, compatible with modern retail solutions. This technology is not only instrumental in fraud prevention but also plays a vital role in social responsibility by identifying players who are self-excluded or legally restricted from betting, including professional sports players and officials.

To ensure that SB22 fully leverages the capabilities of its platform, Fincore has customized its algorithms for optimal performance. This level of customization is made possible by Fincore’s extensive experience in the industry, its innovative approach, and technological expertise, enabling the company to tailor each solution to meet the specific requirements of its partners in the igaming sector.

Mateja Popovic, CEO at Fincore, said: “Fincore is delighted once again to partner with a leading solution provider in the regulated gaming market, especially SB22 with its North American focus. Both companies share a deep technology and industry heritage and I feel particularly flattered that SB22, another sports betting platform provider, selected Fincore for a specific module, demonstrating the merit of our modular approach and the trust we share.”

Vladimir Jovanovic, COO at SB22, added: “At SB22 we leverage the best of breed technologies to build and run our state-of-the-art platform.  This partnership with Fincore brings another innovative technology into the SB22 solution stack, allowing us to leverage the power and sophistication of biometrics to benefit our customers and their patrons in so many ways.

“Thanks to this integration, our operator partners will be able to instantly identify their patrons and offer them a superior experience, while bringing seamless benefits to their responsible gambling and compliance requirements.”

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