Fujitsu Launches uSCALE Portal for iGaming Infrastructure Management

Fujitsu has introduced its uSCALE Customer Success Portal, designed specifically for stakeholders in the global iGaming industry, aiming to streamline the management, analysis, and optimization of infrastructures.

This portal grants iGaming operators and suppliers access to system consumption data, order tracking, capacity management, and forecast insights. By doing so, it facilitates the efficient use of consumption-based, as-a-service resources. The initiative supports transparent pricing, enabling businesses to monitor expenses and prevent unexpected cost increases effectively.

One of the primary concerns for enterprises transitioning to cloud-based and managed infrastructures is maintaining control over their systems. Despite the appeal of competitive pricing in public cloud services, the iGaming sector remains wary about issues concerning privacy, security, and governance.

Recognizing the potential pitfalls of cloud-based services leading to unpredictable expenses, enterprises are considering alternatives. Among the popular choices are on-premises, as-a-service consumption-based solutions, which can be more effectively managed.

Fujitsu’s uSCALE Customer Success Portal offers a consolidated platform for users to view pertinent details related to their uSCALE Service, such as costs, capacity, and consumption across data centers. Such insights enable better expense and performance predictions while providing scalable options to match changing requirements.

With the uSCALE portal, organizations can access the data they require to make informed IT decisions promptly. The system offers clarity on uSCALE-associated expenses, enables access to billing and invoice details, and connects users directly to their designated Customer Success Manager.

By centralizing crucial information, the portal refines the customer experience, reduces unnecessary expenses, and boosts operational efficiency. Moreover, it offers enterprises a comprehensive overview of their IT infrastructures and workloads, ensuring agility in decision-making. This adaptability is pivotal for businesses to respond to market variations, technological innovations, and potential operational challenges in the iGaming industry.

Nick McDonald, Senior Account Director at Fujitsu said: “With this new portal customers get clear visibility of what infrastructure they have, what they are using and what it’s costing, Basically Cloud like consumption on their own private infrastructure added to this customers don’t need any large capital outlays for infrastructure refreshes as well as helping to add to their sustainability goals by only buying and using the Infrastructure they need from the outset.”

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