Future Anthem Launches AI Product to optimise Casino Game Performance

Future Anthem, the pioneering AI and game data science specialist, has launched Anthem Amplifier, an offering that provides an in-depth analysis of all bets and spins players make on casino games.

Amplifier enables operators and studios, including Big Time Gaming, which is among the first customers, to analyse player behaviours across casino games on an unrivalled scale.

Built using advanced data science and proprietary machine learning models, Amplifier interprets player behaviours at scale to deliver intelligence, predictions and actions that can be applied to portfolio decisions, product design and player safety while gambling.

Amplifier is powered by Anthemetrics AI, the industry’s first game data science platform, which analyses billions of spins from millions of player hours across thousands of games.

Leigh Nissim, CEO and Founder, Future Anthem, said: “Our vision is to connect human behaviour with data science to build a player-centric universe that is enjoyable and sustainable. Anthem Amplifier does this with tools that allow studios and operators to optimise their game portfolios by processing and intelligently understanding an incredibly large volume of data.”

Nik Robinson, CEO of Big Time Gaming, added: “Understanding player and game behaviours should be at the heart of every successful studio. Leveraging game data and the AI tools provided by Anthem Amplifier provides us with additional opportunities to continue optimising our innovative slots, while pleasing our customers and players.”

Chris Conroy, CDO, Future Anthem, said: “With a great deal of scattered data produced by varied portfolios of games across geographies and channels, it can be challenging to leverage this valuable asset to get the most from your investments and roadmaps.

“Anthem Amplifier uses the latest cloud technologies and machine learning techniques to listen to this granular game data to maximise your chances of success, empowering teams with effective portfolio management tools and game design techniques.”

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