GamCare Joins National Gambling Support Network

The gambling support charity GamCare have announced it has secured funding for three years from GambleAware to continue its work supporting those harmed by gambling.

The charity is part of the National Gambling Support Network (NGSN), commissioned by GambleAware and formed of a range of support organisations in the third sector across Great Britain with the aim of reducing gambling-related harm. 

The funding will see GamCare continue to run the National Gambling Helpline, operated by the charity for over 25 years, with an increased focus on widening accessibility and choice for those who need it.  

As part of the agreement, GamCare will enhance the digital tools and resources that complement the Helpline – keeping pace with how people want to seek support and offering an even greater range of both self-help and direct support.  

GamCare will play a central role in coordinating the National Gambling Support Network alongside national and regional partners and delivering towards its core aims, including: 

  • Continuing to improve access for people seeking support for their gambling through the National Gambling Helpline and the NGSN. 
  • Continuing to reduce barriers for people seeking support for their gambling – including digitising services for people to reach out in a way that works for them. 
  • Ensuring strong collaboration with other organisations across the gambling harms space including treatment providers, support providers and financial organisations. 
  • Ensuring all support services are working towards a culture of continuous improvement and are designed around those who use them. 

The funding will also deliver enhanced regional services and treatment across London, Yorkshire and Humber, Scotland, South East, the East Midlands and the North East, working closely with partners in these regions as well as other providers covering the rest of Great Britain.  

Anna Hemmings, Chief Executive at GamCare:“We are delighted with the outcome of the commissioning process and to be able to continue providing free, confidential support to anyone impacted by gambling nationally. 

“Having secure, sustainable funding provides a fantastic opportunity for us to look long-term at how we deliver services that can best support people and communities to reduce gambling harms. We look forward to collaborating with other partner organisations in the National Gambling Support Network.” 

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