GAMOMAT Wins Charitable Community Award at International Gaming Awards

GAMOMAT, one of the leading independent software developers for slot games, is proud to announce that it has won the Charitable Community Award at the 2023 International Gaming Awards. The awards ceremony was held at the prestigious Savoy Hotel in London on Monday, and it was a night of celebration and recognition for the gaming industry’s most impactful and innovative players.

GAMOMAT’s philosophy is built on strong values that prioritise people and their living environment. Social and ecological sustainability are deeply ingrained in the company’s corporate culture.

As Dr Alexandra Krone, Managing Director of GAMOMAT, says, “We see social responsibility not as a trend, but as a duty. If we want to make our future fit for grandchildren, we must achieve ambitious goals. This is as true for us who live today as it is for future generations. As a socially sustainable company, we constantly ask ourselves what added value we can create for ourselves and our future generations. We will therefore continue to actively support socially sustainable projects in the future.”

GAMOMAT has been actively supporting various charitable initiatives, including Krisenchat, Chancenstiftung and Aktion Mensch.

The Charitable Community Award presented to GAMOMAT at the International Gaming Awards is a testament to the company’s dedication to making a positive impact in the world. GAMOMAT is proud to have received the award and will continue to actively support socially sustainable projects in the future.

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