Get World Cup Ready with PropFutures

As we get closer to the sports betting event of the year, the World Cup, in Qatar next month, the industry will be gearing up for period of high traffic and engagement.

In this article we caught up with Henry Newman, Co-founder & CEO of SportingRisk to hear his thoughts on best ways to leverage the World Cup, the future of sports betting, and most importantly, what the key growth drivers will be going forward.

How is PropFutures built to support the constantly changing sports betting environment?

“SportingRisk’s PropFutures is a market-leading product for player prop and interval-based markets designed with today’s bettor at its forefront. PropFutures is the first of its kind as a single provider of player prop and interval-based markets that are accompanied by key insights to drive user betting activity.

“SportingRisk offers flexible, and simplistic integration options that cover both API and a Managed Trading Solution to operators for over 1000 betting markets. PropFutures leverages the company’s extensive database, predictive modelling and trading operation to provide the most comprehensive player prop offering in the marketplace.

“All pricing is managed by a trading team and is driven by derivatives that react dynamically to team line-ups and in-play events. A highly flexible Risk Management infrastructure is built into the product, providing clients with full visibility of their operations. The product maximises the margin for the operator, minimises their risk and improves operational efficiency.

“Agility was a core driver in creating the product as the sports betting environment never rests. Its modular build allows PropFutures to meet all needs, for margins, bet settlement, pricing and sheer breadth of markets. All this can be done with incredibly low latency to guarantee a fantastic user experience.”

How important is it to be able to offer both pricing and data from one source?

“The combination of player prop pricing and data insights delivered by PropFutures provides operators with the power to generate truly engaging betting experiences. PropFutures is currently the only product of its kind offering pricing and insights from only one source, making integration for the client as seamless and flexible as it could possibly be.

“Having complete control over the product means SportingRisk is able to manage the integration to ensure it is as seamless as possible. Multiple stakeholders in an integration can lead to tech bottlenecks, whereas PropFutures will deliver a seamless iFrame. Another differentiator is the ability for the back-end of SportingRisk’s Managed Trading Service to communicate easily with a client’s solution.

“There are added benefits when it comes to contractual issues too as it’s far simpler to put pen to paper with one entity, versus two.”

What can sports bettors expect from the product as we approach the World Cup?

“The ability to bet in-play in real time on a multitude of World Cup events gives customers enhanced engagement, involvement and overall excitement in their betting experience. The World Cup is going to dominate the TV schedule during the run-up to Christmas and that throws up huge opportunities for operators to engage on a deeper level with their audiences.

“Micro-bets placed throughout a World Cup match immerse players in the action and allow for educated decisions relying on relevant facts to drive betting activity. Bettors will easily be able to identify which markets suit their preferences and leverage historical data to shape decision-making.

“​​Specific stats and bet prompts relevant to team performance in World Cups (and recent tournaments) will be available to ensure only the most relevant, engaging data is delivered to the consumer to enhance their engagement.”

PropFutures was launched for UK football, but the technology makes it suitable for other sports – what will these be and why?

“Esports and basketball are the two sports currently marked as the natural progression for the product. This is owing to the sheer number of data points to create markets. Basketball moves at a rapid pace and has a diverse number of markets which means that a calculated approach is needed to turn a profit. Excluding the playoffs, basketball franchises play a minimum of 82 games each season and this has helped build a rich data source that shapes the prompts.

“Esports’ relentless growth shows no sign of abating. The phenomenon is blessed with historical data owing to the massive number of contests that are played, but it so far has proven hard to access.

“SportingRisk’s data collection and output strength provide a solution to this common accessibility issue. PropFutures will open up more betting opportunities for players as it will help generate key data at pivotal event points to aid informed betting decisions. As more games are played it feeds back information to provide even more accurate bet prompts that are passed from operators to their loyal consumers.”

Editor’s note:

After speaking with Henry, it’s clear that taking advantage of the real-time play betting and engagement opportunities will be essential to keep the competitive edge in the busy sportsbook sector.

The combination of player prop pricing and data insights delivered by companies such as PropFutures provides operators with the power to generate truly engaging betting experiences and take full advantage of the opportunities that live World Cup play offers. We look forward to seeing it all kick off!

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