GR8 Tech Stands Out at SiGMA Asia 2024 with Best Stand Experience Award

GR8 Tech has been one of the most prominent exhibitors at SiGMA Asia 2024, winning an award for Best Stand Experience. A combination of a thoughtfully designed sectional layout, interactive kiosks with live product demonstrations and engaging entertainment, and the professional host team featuring Miss World Philippines 2022 Gwendolyne Fourniol, allowed GR8 Tech to create a memorable and impactful experience for each visitor.

Gathering Insights on the Asian iGaming Industry

In addition to celebrating excellence in stand experience, SiGMA Asia provided a great platform for gaining valuable insights into the Asian iGaming market, revealing several critical must-haves and emerging trends.

Regional distinctions: Asia’s diversity of cultures and attitudes differentiates it significantly from Europe, while its approach to market success, regulation, and business ethics makes it easy to find many similarities with LatAm. The market structure in Asia features major B2B players aggregating content for smaller white-label providers, and utilizing multiple sportsbooks via iFrame is a common practice.

Emerging trends: The market is moving towards increased regulation, which already starts to drive new platform requirements needed to remain compliant. White labels continue to be a favored model, but as the markets mature, this can shift into demand for more turnkey solutions – an evolution similar to what we currently see in Latin America.

Key requirements for success in Asia: Just like in every macroregion with several distinct countries within it, localization plays a crucial role, spanning all elements from the back to the front end of the product.

In tune with this must-have, GR8 Tech has just refined its approach to the platform’s Asian View through extensive research and adaptation to industry standards. The Asian View offers two distinct interfaces: a comprehensive view displaying up to six markets on a single card and a compact view focusing on one market per event, allowing users to easily switch between them for a personalized betting experience. It prioritizes quick access to main market options, especially Asian total and handicap for football, ensuring users can place bets efficiently without navigating through extensive details.

Future Focus

Looking ahead, GR8 Tech will keep its focus on key Asian markets such as the Philippines, India, Indonesia, Thailand, and Japan. While requiring a thorough approach to localization, these markets offer significant growth potential and future prospects.

SiGMA Asia 2024 proved to be a resounding success for GR8 Tech, resulting in numerous quality leads and the signing of a new contract. The company is excited about its next destination, iGB Live, held on July 16-19 in Amsterdam, Netherlands. At this event, GR8 Tech will continue to showcase its high-performance products, engage with industry leaders, and contribute to driving the iGaming field forward.

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