GRID and Kambi Group’s Abios Extend Esports Data Partnership

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GRID, an esports data platform, and Abios, the esports division of Swedish sports betting technology provider Kambi Group PLC, have announced the extension of their esports data partnership. This collaboration aims to enhance the coverage of esports odds powered by GRID data.

As part of this extended agreement, GRID will now provide official esports data feeds for League of Legends and Rainbow Six Siege through Abios. These additions join the existing data feeds for Counter-Strike 2, Dota 2, and VALORANT, which were part of the original partnership established last July.

Abios leverages GRID Data Platform’s real-time data feeds to deliver accurate and timely odds to both existing and new partners within the Kambi Group and its subsidiaries. This integration facilitates the expansion of automated and proprietary odds products, improving uptime and enhancing odds model automation, particularly for live markets.

The real-time data feeds also enable Abios to offer Kambi Group partners premium features such as same-game parlays, player propositions, and flash markets with expanded coverage.

GRID sources its data directly from game servers, through official partnerships with rights holders such as Riot Games, Ubisoft, and KRAFTON, as well as over 70 tournament organizers within the Valve esports ecosystem. These direct partnerships ensure the delivery of the most accurate, reliable, and granular real-time data to its partners.

The continued partnership between GRID and Kambi Group demonstrates how the iGaming and esports betting industries can leverage advanced technological solutions to enhance digital products. Operators and customers can rely on the integrity of the data, knowing it originates from legitimate sources involving rights holders.

Mikael Westerling, GRID Chief Sales Officer commented on the extension: “We’re proud to offer League of Legends and Rainbow Six Siege official data feeds to Kambi’s network for the first time and add even more value to the experience of their already impressive esports betting products.

The continued success of our partnership with Abios and our shared vision for the potential of esports betting made extending the partnership an easy choice.”

Anton Janér, Managing Director of Abios, also commented: “We’re excited to continue and expand our partnership with GRID. With a unique portfolio of data rights, Abios power partners within and outside of the Kambi network with high-performance esports content.

With access to GRID’s real-time data, Abios’ automated odds models enable consistent margins, lower latency and a better user experience.”

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