Hollywoodbets Enhances Portfolio with BetGames’ Shova 52 Exclusive Release

BetGames, a prominent games provider, has broadened its collection of bespoke casino titles by introducing Shova 52, a unique card game inspired by the popular local game “Call A Card.” This release is exclusively tailored for South Africa-based tier-one operator Hollywoodbets.

Building on the success of BetGames’ debut crash game, Skyward, the collaboration between BetGames and Hollywoodbets aims to leverage this momentum to strengthen their foothold in the South African market.

Shova 52 offers players a distinctive gaming experience, challenging them to predict the card landing on the ‘Player’ position after 52 cards are alternately dealt to the ‘Player’ and ‘Dealer.’ With BetGames’ meticulous attention to detail, Shova 52 strikes a balance between fast-paced gameplay and lucrative winning opportunities.

BetGames’ venture into bespoke game development has yielded favorable results, evident from Hollywoodbets’ interest in further collaboration for another tailor-made title like Shova 52.

The release of Shova 52 signifies a significant milestone in the collaborative efforts between BetGames and Hollywoodbets, as both entities seek to expand their reach and influence in the rapidly growing South African market, projected to generate US$828.50 million in 2024.

James Everett, VP for Africa and LatAm at BetGames, said: “We are delighted to continue our fruitful relationship with tier-one operator Hollywoodbets, which is sure to assist with our ambitious growth plans in South Africa.

“This game has been created with meticulous care to ensure that Hollywoodbets’ players benefit from the optimal gaming experience and associate BetGames with cutting-edge technology.”

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