iGaming Industry Insights: GR8 Tech Shares Key Takeaways from March Events

Throughout March, GR8 Tech attended several prominent events in the iGaming industry, including Spice India, SiGMA Eurasia, the ASEAN Gaming Summit, and the Prague Gaming & Tech Summit. And we didn’t return from this mini-world tour empty-handed – we have brought back a couple of interesting insights that we are happy to share with you.

One key takeaway from our experience in Latin America is the importance of having a physical presence in the market. In this region, face-to-face communication is the norm, and Spanish and Portuguese are essential languages. To be successful in Latam markets, it’s necessary to have people who speak the local languages in the field there. By the way, if you’re in Latam and have any questions for us, feel free to reach out to GR8 Tech Senior Sales Manager Rob Ripley, who is always open for fruitful business conversations.

Another interesting feature of Latin America is that local operators tend to focus solely on the Latam market and rarely venture into Europe, despite having a whole Spanish-speaking legal market there (for starters). So, this is an exciting opportunity for Latam operators to consider – especially taking into account that GR8 Tech’s amazing “iGaming Launch” solution for market entries can provide error-free deployment with the support of a partner who is well-versed in European markets.

Another prominent topic of discussion at all of the March events was the use of AI in business – a rising trend that will probably be relevant throughout the year. Many industry professionals emphasised the potential of AI to revolutionise the industry, from optimising processes to enhancing the player experience.

At the last event of the month, Prague Gaming & Tech Summit, which took place on March 29-30, GR8 Tech was present as the event’s Silver Sponsor along with Main Stage Sponsor Cloudflare, General Sponsors No Fluff Jobs and Bragg, and others. Our CEO, Evgen Belousov, had the opportunity to speak at the Summit and shared his insights on the current state of the iGaming industry in Europe, industry trends, GR8 Tech’s new products, and more.

“Attending the Prague Gaming & Tech Summit was a great time. It’s always enjoyable to connect with fellow industry experts from around Europe and discuss where the iGaming industry’s headed. As a speaker, I appreciated the opportunity to contribute to this dynamic professional community,” said GR8 Tech CEO Evgen Belousov.

We are excited to continue learning, networking, providing innovative solutions to the iGaming industry, and sharing the insights we picked up along the way. Next month, we’re attending SAGSE Latam and G&M Events European Summit. So, get in touch if you’d like to meet us at any of those events, and of course, stay tuned for more iGaming takeaways!

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