IGT Transitions Totalizator Sportowy’s Lottery Systems to Cloud Platform

International Game Technology PLC (IGT) has successfully upgraded and migrated Poland’s national lottery operator, Totalizator Sportowy’s iLottery platform to the cloud. This milestone marks the first time IGT has implemented a customer’s comprehensive iLottery platform on the cloud, making Totalizator Sportowy the first European lottery to adopt an end-to-end cloud-based iLottery system.

IGT’s cutting-edge upgrade involved deploying its latest high-performance player account management system, IGT Command, on the cloud for Totalizator Sportowy. The player account management system serves as the core engine for all iLottery player-centric functions and game enablement. With this comprehensive lineup of products, the lottery gains better control over player engagement, stays ahead of evolving customer and technological trends, adapts to new opportunities strategically, offers convenient cashless options, and integrates advanced responsible gaming features. Additionally, IGT had previously migrated its remote gaming server to the cloud, empowering Totalizator Sportowy to provide a steady flow of premium content to its players.

By moving Totalizator Sportowy’s iLottery platform to the cloud, IGT demonstrates its commitment to modernizing lottery systems and enhancing operational efficiency for its customers. The cloud-based approach offers scalability, security, and flexibility, allowing lotteries to respond swiftly to market demands and deliver an enhanced gaming experience to players.

The successful deployment of Totalizator Sportowy’s iLottery platform to the cloud showcases IGT’s continued dedication to providing state-of-the-art solutions that empower lottery operators to thrive in the ever-evolving iGaming landscape. With this innovative transition, Totalizator Sportowy is poised to offer a seamless and engaging iLottery experience to its customers while maintaining the highest standards of responsible gaming practices.

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“Totalizator Sportowy has partnered with IGT to improve our lottery technology and systems and provide our players with responsible and engaging lottery solutions,” said Olgierd Cieślik, Totalizator Sportowy CEO.”Deploying our iLottery platform in the cloud offers us scalability and helps us reduce time to market for system enhancements. Totalizator Sportowy is always eager to introduce innovation, and in this case, we are the first lottery in Europe to have an end-to-end cloud-based iLottery technology.”

“Moving Totalizator Sportowy’s iLottery central system to the cloud marks an exciting first-time, end-to-end cloud deployment for IGT,” said Srini Nedunuri, IGT Senior Vice President, iLottery.”We recognize the many benefits of cloud technology and know that it facilitates easier integration of data and insights, faster upgradeability and scalability, and improves overall efficiency. These benefits will ultimately deliver a more dynamic experience for Poland’s iLottery players.”

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