Invincible GG Unveils AI-Driven Mobile Horse Racing Platform, Owner’s Club

Invincible GG (IGG), a pioneer in the realm of AI-enhanced virtual sports, has introduced its Owner’s Club platform, along with an accompanying NFT Storefront. This move offers horse racing and skill gaming aficionados the opportunity to secure distinctive AI-optimized NFT horses for their mobile skill-based competitions.

Notably, Invincible GG stands as a pioneering entity, blending mobile skill gaming, NFT gaming, and iGaming in alignment with both US and international gaming standards. Their proprietary technology amplifies competitive iGaming, integrating real money with skill-focused contests. Players are bestowed with the ability to control AI-infused entities stored securely on the blockchain, crafting an intricate interplay between strategy and gaming intelligence.

Within the Owner’s Club ecosystem, participants can engage in live player-vs-player (PvP) contests using AI-driven horses. These horses, managed by their owners, compete in real-time, relying on inherent abilities, genetic components, acquired skills, and owner-devised strategies. Success hinges on owners refining their horses to perform optimally under specific conditions—varying distances, surfaces, and race scenarios. This intricate skill-based element sets the platform apart from its counterparts.

Each horse’s foundational capabilities evolve through gameplay, facilitating specialization for diverse races. Key attributes—speed, stamina, and acceleration—determine a horse’s race performance. Genetics, coupled with care and training provided by player-owners, further influence race outcomes.

Acquisition avenues for these AI-backed horses span in-game purchases, NFT acquisitions in the Owner’s Club Marketplace, and breeding. While standard horses, available through in-app currency, can undergo training and even be minted as NFTs, premium horses are race-ready but lack minting capabilities. The NFT variants can be secured via drops or auctions in the marketplace.

Interested gamers can currently register to be privy to exclusive perks and be placed on the waitlist for the inaugural NFT release—a “Superfecta” set consisting of 1,234 AI-NFT horses across varied tiers.

Moreover, the Owner’s Club is poised to deliver scheduled races for casinos, racetracks, and other licensed wagering establishments, emulating historic racing venues and facilitating round-the-clock racing. This immersive iGaming experience allows enthusiasts to delve into virtual horse racing and ownership, fostering connections within a community of like-minded players.

“We are excited to launch Owner’s Club and provide a new and unique way for fans to experience the sport,” said Invincible GG CEO Jonathan Strause. “Our platform makes horse racing accessible to all and allows players to truly own their horses and experience the thrill of horse racing in an unprecedented way. We believe that our Owner’s Club gaming ecosystem will set a new standard for mobile skill gaming and engage a new generation of horse racing fans as well.”

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