Kindred Furthers Commitment to Women in Tech

Kindred Group plc (Kindred) reaffirms its dedication to promoting diversity in technology by partnering for the eighth consecutive year with Women in Tech Sweden, a leading non-profit organization dedicated to encouraging women’s participation in the technology sector. Kindred will actively participate as a Co-Creating Partner at the upcoming Women in Tech Sweden conference, scheduled for April 17 in Stockholm. This event, renowned for its impactful mission and widespread industry support, aligns closely with Kindred’s core values and its commitment to fostering inclusivity and innovation within the igaming industry.

This year’s conference theme, “Connect, Create, Innovate,” alongside the sub-theme “Crafting Tech with Human Essence,” aims to underscore the profound impact of human creativity and insight in shaping technology. It reflects on the notion that technology, at its best, incorporates elements of human touch and ingenuity. Since its inception in 2014, Women in Tech Sweden has evolved into Scandinavia’s largest tech conference, serving as a pivotal platform and community for sparking dialogue, networking, and advocacy on women’s roles in technology.

Kindred’s continuous support for Women in Tech Sweden exemplifies its strategic commitment to enhancing diversity and fostering an environment where innovative ideas thrive. By aligning with organizations that champion these values, Kindred not only contributes to the broader conversation on gender diversity in tech but also demonstrates its role as a forward-thinking leader in the igaming sector.

“The mission of Women in Tech is to inspire women to choose a career in technology – and to keep those already in the industry which is as equal important. Being a part of this event and supporting this mission is very important for us at Kindred Group. There is a reason why we keep on supporting Women in Tech Sweden – the networking, the conversations and the face to face-meetings are invaluable and something we at Kindred truly enjoy”, says Prachi Arya, Talent Aquisition Tech Development and Women in Tech-general at Kindred Group.

“It is so important that we do this together, that we long-term prioritize building teams with a higher diversity of perspectives. Because we know that it helps us develop better and smarter services and products. That’s why we are so pleased that Kindred is once again with us as a loyal partner on the journey towards a more inclusive industry,” says Åsa Johansen, Director, Women in Tech.

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