kwiff: Looking Ahead to the World Cup and Beyond

As we gear up for the biggest sporting tournament of the year, the World Cup Qatar, operators around the globe are preparing to make the most of this exciting period and, furthermore, looking to 2023 — trying to understand how best to maximise growth in the coming New Year.

We spoke with Nick Maroudas, Global CTIO for leading sportsbook operator kwiff about what the future holds for the sector and how they, as a brand, are planning to leverage upcoming events and maximise their customers’ experience.

kwiff prides itself on delivering super-charged betting experiences. How has this vision helped shape the platform?

“We want to give the customer the best user experience available in the market. Supercharging our entire sportsbook gives us a major advantage within a competitive landscape, it’s as entertaining as it gets. Our platform is built in a modular fashion, which gives us incredible agility and flexibility. It provides us with the ability and opportunity to innovate and gamify against any, and all, features we add and it offers the customer an entertaining, seamless and unique experience.”

Are you introducing any new features for the World Cup?

“kwiff has a number of offers, features and tournaments in the lead-up to–and throughout–the World Cup. Our loyal customers can expect guaranteed supercharges, surprise bets and cashback offers. We have a number of new exciting markets in the product ready for the World Cup kick-off, and our World Cup tournament has numerous exciting prizes including tickets to the World Cup with accommodation!”

Personalisation is a powerful tool to help sportsbooks stand out, what features have you introduced to maximise the experience around the winter tournament?

“Personalisation is at the heart of everything we want to deliver to the customer. Beginning with the kwiff pulse, which is the heartbeat of the customer all the way through to items such as the app layout, with the feature page being unique to each and every customer. Specially displayed markets, events, competitions and sports are all being tailored to the customer.

“Not everyone who bets with us will want to see the World Cup front and centre. A customer with a strong preference for horse racing or basketball, for example, will want to see those sports prioritised. However, a large number of customers will want World Cup content prioritised in the app — and they will certainly get it. That content will be different, based on a customer’s betting behaviour and other factors such as locale. All of our personalised experiences are driven by the data we see from customers playing within our apps and then analysed by our data and product teams to make improvements when necessary.”

What changes do you envisage across the sportsbook space as we move into 2023?

“Very good question. I’d expect, as companies look for profitability, there will be an emphasis on retention and improvement on their monthly percentages. We have fantastic retention as it stands, and we will continue to improve on that in 2023 with a number of eye-catching feature releases for our customers.

“For sportsbooks specifically, I believe we’ll see an increased push on higher margin products, so I expect operators to lean into accumulator and bet-builder style products even more. Overall, I think we’ll see a realisation in the market that the customer wants to play on an entertaining product. If you have that entertaining product not only does that deliver a supercharged experience for the customer but, if developed well, it could have enormous advantages for the sportsbook operator as well.”

Editor’s Note:

It’s really encouraging to see how well prepared kwiff are for the World Cup. They have a number of new exciting markets on the platform ready for kick-off, and they have a World Cup tournament of their own with numerous exciting prizes including tickets to the World Cup — with the added bonus of free accommodation.

Crucially, it’s important to remember, that for many, the World Cup should be treated as an acquisition exercise and the real work begins post-tournament. And in the New Year. Retention will be the main focus for most operators.

Referencing Nick, kwiff clearly has a fantastic retention model and it is expected to continue to improve on that in 2023 with a number of eye-catching feature releases for their customers. Sportsbooks in particular, will show an increased push towards higher-margin products, leaning into more accumulator and bet-builder style products in the future. Indeed, we’re looking at an exciting year ahead.

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