LeoVegas Invests in SharedPlay

LeoVegas, through LeoVentures, is investing EUR 1.1 m for 25% of the shares in SharedPlay with an option to increase its ownership in the future.

SharedPlay is a new company that enables players to share their gaming experiences with each other, among other things through the industry’s first solution for playing casino games in multiplayer mode. The company was founded by Karolina Pelc, one of the most prominent profiles widely associated with casino product and innovation expertise.

Interest in sharing and following each other’s experiences online has long been popular in other entertainment categories such as computer games, music and film. This trend is now growing also in gaming and casino. SharedPlay’s mission is to transform solitary game sessions into engaging multiplayer and entertaining experiences. This is made possible by being part of a social community while playing and enables players to share their experiences digitally.

“We see a new behaviour in the gaming market as well as in many other digital consumer segments – it’s about sharing your fun and excitement with your friends, but also with others who have the same interest,” comments Gustaf Hagman, LeoVegas’ Group CEO. “The team we are investing in is world-class, and SharedPlay has a unique position with the opportunity to drive the next step in the social casino experience.”

Karolina Pec, founder and CEO of SharedPlay, comments: “SharedPlay was established to capitalise on the opportunities that exist in the current trends in our rapidly growing industry. I have closely followed the development of social platforms, how we consume moving pictures, and how it has become part of the gaming industry. We aim to create the best and most engaging product for making casino more social among players. There is incredible potential in the strong engagement that exists among the new generation of casino players combined with a safe and secure gaming experience. LeoVegas is a dream partner, as they are passionate about the gaming experience and innovation in product development, and have shown through their other investments that they are proficient at driving growth and creating value.”

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