Look Back In Wonder: Kambi’s NFL Season Report 2021/22 Goes The Whole Nine Yards

The return of the NFL could not come a week too soon to boost America’s flagging sports betting scene.

And the imminent publication of Kambi’s latest report on the NFL 2021/22 season just gone is a brilliant pointer to the wagering odds and expectations for all lovers of America’s top game.

For surely, it is only by knowing the past that we can have the best chance of predicting and running with the future.

The new regular NFL season kicks-off this September 8 — on a Thursday night, as tradition dictates. Most games, thereafter, are played on “any given Sunday”.

Defending Super Bowl (LV1) Champions, the Los Angeles Rams take on those perennial “Beautiful Losers”, the Buffalo Bills, who so nearly made it to glory last season after years in the doldrums.

Other headline fixtures feature the Dallas Cowboys–the richest sports franchise on the planet and so-called “America’s Team”–against superstar quarterback Tom Brady’s Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

The Florida highlight continues with the Miami Dolphins playing the relentless Bill Belichick-coached machine, AKA New England Patriots.

So good is this fourth Kambi NFL season betting report, this reporter warrants it will become a fixture for decades to come, a bit like the legendary Pirelli Calendar, with all the stats, figures and compelling portraits — but none of the nudes.

The Kambi report assesses last season’s most popular team from the gambling perspective and the player markets offered. And it includes a detailed section on the impact of Kambi’s popular Game Parlay product.

During the season past, notes the leading sports betting platform and provider of premium sports betting technology, over 40 per cent of NFL bettors placed at least one Combination Bet.

Currently live in 17 states (please see the report for full details), Kambi also predicts that its pioneering College Football products will continue to grow and prosper.

The list of top team handles for the 2021/22 season–surprise, surprise—was led by the charismatic Patrick Mahomes’ Kansas City Chiefs, followed by the Rams, Bucs, (Green Bay) Packers and Bills.

‘Ma Man’ Mahomes was the top player by handle.

The richest regular season game by wager was the clash between Tom Brady past and present: in the shape of the Patriots v Buccaneers.

Equally unsurprisingly, the top College Football face-off by handle was the National Championship game between the Alabama Crimson Tide and Georgia Bulldogs, which, incidentally, was also the fourth highest handle of the whole football season.

Kambi’s Super Bowl offering, meanwhile, also finished a winner against all US-facing sportsbook competitors.

Using clear and arresting design and graphics, the Kambi report gives us a forensic analysis of Super Bowl LV1: pre- and in-game offers; pre- and in-game online and retail.

And finally to the new and exciting season ahead, where Kambi will be offering a rich variety of bets, among them total touchdowns, total rushing attempts by the player, receptions by the player, total successful field goals, et al.

In conclusion, Kambi writes: “To be a leader (in your field) takes experience, expertise and a desire to go the whole nine yards.

“There are no shortcuts. [Our] passion and heritage in sports betting means that we know what it takes to succeed, and we know what it takes to ensure you become the best (sportsbook) you can be.”

Right on.

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