Mirror Bingo, Jumpman Gaming And The Future Of Online Bingo

Mirror Bingo has been relaunched on Jumpman Gaming’s platform after an agreement between Reach Plc and the bingo developer.

Listed on the London Stock Exchange, Reach are a constituent of the FTSE SmallCap Index. They are also one of the UK’s largest newspaper, magazine, and digital publisher – amassing a total of 240 regional newspapers, 7 national papers, 2 Scottish papers and OK! Magazine.

Originally Launched in 2008 under partnership with Playtech and Cahscade, Mirror Bingo has now migrated to Jumpman’s platform.

The relaunch will offer bingo, slots and casino games – with stakes as low as 1p and prizes as large as £1m. The new platform has integrated trophies and other loyalty programmes that punters can swap in for free spins.

Reach doesn’t intend to stop there, with Express Wins (linked to Daily Express) and Star Wins (linked to Daily Star) also relaunched after a 2018 closure.

Mark O’Donnell, Head of Betting & Gaming at Reach stated recently “Jumpman are a young, agile and very successful business in the gaming market, and their approach to player experience, enjoyment and loyalty really impressed us. We’re delighted to launch Mirror Bingo with them, and also bring back old favourites Star Wins and Express Wins”

“Just like the media brands, each has a distinct style and audience which means we can welcome players of ages and interests”.

But what does this move mean for the future of the UK bingo market?

A recent report by Statista found that the UK Bingo market was valued at £1.04 Billion in 2019 with the largest market share of £626.45 Million owned by Main Stage Bingo.

With an operator like Mirror Bingo coming back into the fold, this will surely help online Bingo return to the heights of 2009/2010 where the market sat at £1.34 Billion. Leveraging an audience of 40 million through its various news and magazine platforms, Reach will undoubtedly use its position in the media to disrupt the current Online Bingo status quo.

A key consideration on the future of online Bingo should also be the social impact, with lockdown still in effect (albeit some signs of restrictions easing). Moon Bingo found that half of players surveyed in their questionnaire found new friends online, thanks to the platform.

Does this social element have the ability to alleviate feelings of isolation from the lockdown?

Social distancing is going to be with us (in one form or another), for quite some time. Platforms that offer real time social interaction, that most punters are undoubtedly craving, may have the potential to actually combat mental illness, rather than contribute to it.

In a study of 7,000 men and women in California the researchers found: “People who were disconnected from others were roughly three times more likely to die during the nine-year study than people with strong social ties,” Author John Robbins of “Healthy at 100” stated.

Mr Robbins went on to add “This major difference in survival occurred regardless of people’s age, gender, health practices or physical health status. In fact, the researchers found that “those with close social ties and unhealthy lifestyles (such as smoking, obesity and lack of exercise) actually lived longer than those with poor social ties but more healthful living habits”.

Perhaps increased connectivity between players may prove to be an increasingly powerful tool for all forms of online gaming; helping bring the positive effects of gaming (for once) to the forefront of the UK mind.

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