NBA extends data partnership with Sportradar and Genius Sports

Sportradar and Genius Sports Group will continue to distribute official NBA betting data to authorized sports betting operators in the United States

The National Basketball Association (NBA) today announced it has extended its official betting data partnerships with Sportradar and Genius Sports Group in the U.S.  As part of these multiyear partnership renewals, Sportradar and Genius Sports Group will continue to have the non-exclusive rights to distribute official NBA and WNBA betting data to licensed sports betting operators in the U.S.  Thus far, the NBA has authorized sports betting partnerships with more than 20 operators in the U.S.

Genius Sports Group and Sportradar work closely with the NBA to ensure those fans who choose to bet on games legally have access to real-time, official NBA betting data through licensed gaming operators, as legalized betting is implemented in their respective states.  This includes official betting data for all NBA and WNBA games, including throughout the regular season and playoffs. Both companies can also distribute betting data products which utilize the official data feed to both licensed sports betting operators and platform providers.

“We are pleased to extend our partnership with the NBA for official NBA betting data in the U.S. market,” said Steve Byrd, Head of Global Strategic Partnerships, Sportradar. “As legalized sports betting expands into more states and grows in popularity overall, this presents us with a tremendous opportunity to continue spearheading cutting-edge NBA feeds and betting products for operators, while redefining the customer experience for the fans.”

“We are delighted that the NBA has chosen to extend its official data partnership with Genius Sports Group in the U.S. We look forward to providing official NBA data, alongside our advanced in-game NBA betting products and services, to sportsbooks across the U.S.” said Mark Locke, CEO of Genius Sports Group. “We are world renowned for driving innovation in basketball sports betting and this extended partnership reaffirms our commitment to delivering a first-class betting experience for NBA fans.”

“Over the past two seasons Sportradar and Genius Sports Group have been sources for official NBA betting data, which is crucial for authorized gaming operators and ultimately fans who engage with NBA and WNBA games through betting,” said Scott Kaufman-Ross, Senior Vice President, Head of Fantasy & Gaming, NBA.  “The U.S. sports betting industry has recognized the value of official data, particularly for in-play betting, and these extensions will ensure operators continue to have access to our real-time feed as sports betting develops throughout the U.S.”

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