OpenBet Unveils Geolocation Product OpenBet Locator Powered by Amazon Web Services (AWS)

OpenBet, a prominent content, platform, and service provider in the global betting industry, has expanded its modular product portfolio with the introduction of OpenBet Locator™, a new, adaptable, and scalable geolocation product.

Leveraging the infrastructure of Amazon Web Services (AWS), a strategic cloud provider for OpenBet, OpenBet Locator™ offers a low-latency solution designed to assist operators worldwide in locating, targeting, and monitoring customers while ensuring full compliance with regulatory standards.

This technology further solidifies OpenBet’s reputation for delivering market-leading player protection and compliance, following its acquisition of Neccton in 2023. With OpenBet’s extensive regulatory coverage and numerous licenses, brands can seamlessly integrate this trusted and compliant technology into their operations.

Initially focusing on the North American market, OpenBet Locator™ includes several key components:

  • Fully flexible geo-fence management and high-precision location tracking
  • Fraud prevention features integrated with real-time detection of virtual private networks (VPNs) and location spoofing
  • Player targeting capabilities for customer relationship management (CRM), data analysis, and in-venue promotions
  • Multi-tenanted solution supporting traveling wallets
  • Easy and adaptable configuration options to streamline business operations workflows

Backed by OpenBet’s unparalleled expertise in the global betting industry, this product aims to simplify the geolocation process for end customers during onboarding, minimizing friction and enhancing the overall user experience.

Jordan Levin, CEO of OpenBet, said: “Introducing OpenBet Locator™ is an exciting move for us and takes our modular product offering to a new level. Built in-house and leveraging AWS technology, we have developed a strong proposition that can be tailored to meet unique business needs.

“As a pioneer within the global sports betting arena for over 25 years, we have an in-depth understanding of the challenges and opportunities operators face within highly regulated markets. OpenBet Locator™ is a scalable, compliant and dependable geolocation solution that removes the barriers to operators’ success.”

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