Paf Advances iGaming Through grit:lab Tech Education Initiative

Nordic-based iGaming operator, Paf, initiated an advanced tech education program, grit:lab, two years prior. Shortly after its announcement, admissions commenced, and a year following, students embarked on their educational journey. Presently, as the program progresses, 60 students spanning approximately 20 nations are gearing up for their concluding year in this comprehensive tech curriculum. The inaugural year has yielded promising outcomes, leading stakeholders in the iGaming industry to anticipate the program’s future editions.

Prospective students interested in the forthcoming grit:lab cohort can anticipate application openings in December 2023. The application process will also include an online test, available until February 2024. Successful candidates will initiate their academic phase at grit:lab come autumn 2024.

Paf’s Chief Technology Officer, Fredrik Wiklund, has recognized the commendable educational standards upheld at grit:lab. Within their initial year, students have garnered a substantial knowledge foundation.

While the rigorous nature of the grit:lab program may not align with everyone’s learning pace, enrolled students have expressed value in its swift curriculum. Furthermore, the program’s emphasis on diverse collaborations has not only broadened perspectives but also facilitated personal growth for its attendees.

“grit:lab is a complement to traditional education and it will contribute to making Åland a tech hub in the Nordics. The potential is great and from Paf’s side we want to continue to be a driving force behind the educational programme,” says Daniela Johansson, Paf’s Deputy CEO & Chief Responsibility Officer.

“The fantastic response we have received both from the students and from many visiting groups is proof that there is a need for this type of education. It is a form of education that will meet the future needs of the job market,” says Anna-Lena Svenblad, Paf’s Development Director for Paf & Director of grit:lab.

“I am impressed by how much the tech students have already learnt. Two of them worked as summer trainees in our sysops team over the summer and at the same time they managed to get certified for AWS cloud services. This is a programme that we at Paf can be proud of,” he says.

“The nature of the fast-paced project-based studies at grit:lab, paired with the benefits of peer-to-peer learning, creates a good environment for personal growth, tech skill acquisition, and team-building. The freedom to design my own schedule relieves pressure and balances the intensive workload, fostering both a disciplined mindset and flexibility,” says Johannes Eckerman, grit:lab student.

“Studying at grit:lab significantly contributed to my growth. Exploring programming areas like backend development, security, and DevOps expanded my skills. Collaborating with diverse individuals enhanced project management, communication, and teamwork,” says Thy Bui, grit:lab student.

“I have found it fun and it has worked great for me to learn the areas of programming I wanted to get into before. I would like to think I also learned a great deal about how it is to work with a wide range of different personalities when it comes to group projects,” says Tommy Mathisen, grit:lab student.

The grit:lab tech education is carried out in cooperation with Ålands Yrkesgymnasium on behalf of the Government of Åland.

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