Paf and Tallink Grupp Extend Partnership with New Multi-Year Deal

Paf, a prominent Nordic gaming company, has announced the renewal of its cooperation agreement with Tallink Grupp, a leading shipping company. This multi-year agreement extends their long-standing partnership, with Paf continuing to provide gaming entertainment on Tallink Grupp’s fleet.

Tallink Grupp operates several passenger ships in the Northern Baltic Sea, known under the brands Tallink and Silja Line. The renewed agreement with Paf will see an enhancement of the gaming experience on these vessels, particularly those operating under the Silja Line brand that travels between Sweden, Åland, and Finland.

Key to the upgrade is the introduction of new coinless gaming machines, coupled with integrated screens, aimed at elevating the onboard gaming experience for passengers. Additionally, Paf is exploring the possibility of introducing amusement games specifically tailored for adult passengers to diversify the entertainment options onboard.

Paf has a history of implementing responsible gaming measures on Tallink’s ships, particularly those sailing to and from Estonia. These initiatives include requiring passengers to use their boarding cards for identification before accessing slot machines, a move aimed at promoting responsible gaming practices onboard.

This continued collaboration between Paf and Tallink Grupp represents a shared commitment to enhancing the entertainment offerings for passengers while maintaining a focus on responsible gaming practices.

“We are pleased to continue our long-standing history with Tallink Grupp. This partnership is an important step towards further improving the entertainment experience for our customers,” says Lasse Danielsson, Chief Operating Officer Land & Ship.

“We will implement our ‘Customer Journey’ concept, which will be an important factor in improving the interaction with our players. The concept not only strengthens the gaming experience but also our communication about responsible gaming,” says Christian Lundell, Key Account Manager at Paf.

“Through our cooperation with Paf, we have successfully achieved a higher standard for the gaming activities onboard. We especially value Paf’s work on responsible gaming and the improvements implemented on our Estonian-flagged ships. Our goal is to improve responsible gaming onboard all our ships together with Paf in the coming years,” says Kairi Maidla, Group Entertainment Director at Tallink Grupp.

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