Paf Implements Reduced Loss Limit to Support Responsible Gaming for Young Adults

The Nordic gaming operator Paf has announced a reduction in the loss limit for young adults, emphasizing the importance of responsible gaming measures, particularly for this demographic.

Loss limits serve as a safeguard against excessive gambling by preventing players from exceeding set thresholds. Paf has taken a proactive approach by lowering the loss limit for individuals aged 20 to 24. This reduction, from €10,000 to €8,000 per year, aims to further enhance player protection for young adults.

Annually, Paf releases a comprehensive overview detailing the financial outcomes for various customer segments. The implementation of mandatory loss limits and subsequent adjustments to maximum thresholds have significantly influenced these segments. The latest report for 2023 will be available by May, offering insights into the impact of these measures.

At Paf, players have the flexibility to set their own loss limits, provided they do not exceed the mandatory thresholds established by the operator. These limits are applicable across all registered players and gaming categories, ensuring consistent player protection measures.

With a commitment to responsible gaming, Paf has been at the forefront of industry initiatives. Since pioneering the introduction of loss limits in 2018, Paf has continuously lowered maximum thresholds, underscoring its dedication to promoting responsible gambling practices.

Recognizing the heightened susceptibility of young adults, aged 18 to 24, to gambling-related issues, Paf prioritizes this demographic in its responsible gaming efforts. Research indicates that young adults are particularly vulnerable to developing gambling problems, making targeted interventions essential.

The implementation of reduced loss limits for young adults aged 20 to 24 is already in effect across all of Paf’s gaming platforms and markets. This proactive measure aligns with Paf’s ongoing commitment to fostering a safe and responsible gaming environment for all players.

“This is an important continuation of the responsible gaming direction we are striving towards at Paf. Now young customers can only play with us for amounts that are at a more sustainable level and within the framework of the customer segment that we have defined ourselves as the green segment,” says Christer Fahlstedt, CEO of Paf.

“We are not selling teddy bears, and we have a responsibility for the product we provide. As a gaming company, we can say no before a person has gambled away both house and home,” he added.

“We need to be able to be sustainable in the long term. We believe that in a future highly regulated European market, you cannot lose more than €8,000 a year, which can be equivalent to an expensive leisure activity.”

“We believe it is important to focus on young people and their gambling from a responsible gambling perspective. Together with our other responsible gambling measures, the loss limits are a good complement for better responsible gambling,” says Daniela Johansson, Deputy CEO & Chief Responsibility Officer at Paf.

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