Peter & Sons Collaborate with Tequity Ventures

Game studio Peter & Sons has established a strategic partnership with RGS (Remote Game Server) solutions expert, Tequity Ventures.

For Peter & Sons, this partnership underscores a pivotal moment, enabling the studio to fully utilize Tequity’s comprehensive integration network while also pursuing new integration opportunities.

Tequity Ventures, committed to streamlining the connection between technology and business operations, provides an extensive suite of software modules. These modules facilitate the consistent, efficient, and reliable deployment of intricate applications. Notably, Tequity’s RGS platform has been recognized for its ability to substantially decrease time-to-market, enabling its clientele to prioritize establishing their distinctive market presence.

Within the iGaming arena, Peter & Sons has made a remarkable impression over recent years with its range of innovative slot games. By collaborating with top-tier artists, mathematicians, and musicians, the company has consistently unveiled unique and engaging titles in the iGaming landscape.

Krzysztof Opałka, Chief Technology Officer of Tequity Ventures, said: “We are excited to work with one of the most respected studios. Our rock-solid technology will help them with the seamless distribution of their innovative games.”

Yann Bautista, Commercial Director and Founder of Peter & Sons, added: “Our partnership with Tequity Ventures is a remarkable step forward. Together, we’re poised to shape the future of the gaming industry.”

“We have had an extremely busy summer and we look forward to sharing more exciting news of partnerships and integrations with leading companies in the industry very soon.”

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