Pixbet, Aided by WeAreGame, Gains Sports Betting Approval in Rio, Brazil

In a significant development, Pixbet, a prominent brand in the Brazilian market, has gained official approval for sports betting by Loterj, the Permanent Bidding Committee of the Lottery of the State of Rio de Janeiro. The brand operates on the innovative iGaming platform provided by WeAreGame.

The announcement of this pivotal approval was made public via the official Municipality website and disseminated through various Loterj social media channels. This approval signifies the first stage of official Accreditation for Sports Betting in Brazil, with the Loterj Accreditation Notice being the inaugural authorization for a Brazilian sports betting service.

Renowned for its association with sports in the Latin American market, Pixbet has a significant following and provides support to over fifteen sports clubs and brands, including Clube de Regatas do Flamengo in Série A.

Pixbet’s suite of services and products are powered by WeAreGame’s advanced iGaming platform, known as WeAre Platform. This includes services like PixBet Fantasy 5, a third innovative fantasy football game, the captivating video product PixBet.tv, and the Free-to-Play (FTP) site PixJogos.

As the platform provider for Pixbet, WeAreGame extends its hearty congratulations to the team at Pixbet. We look forward to witnessing Pixbet further cement its position as a leading sports betting brand in Brazil.

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