Pixiu Gaming Partners with Canadian Lottery Operator for Accessible iGaming Initiative

Pixiu Gaming, a recognized developer of premier online gambling content, has announced its venture into creating an industry-first accessible slot game. This initiative is scheduled to be introduced with a prominent Canadian lottery operator by mid-2024.

Prominently dedicated to fostering Meaningful Change for the underserved, Pixiu’s latest endeavour aligns seamlessly with its core mission. This commitment extends beyond game development, as Pixiu consistently collaborates with various Canadian lottery operators to support and make charitable contributions within regional communities.

This groundbreaking project sees the leading keno developer laying the groundwork for an adaptable framework that serves as the foundation for this unique accessible casino game.

Accessible iGaming, as envisioned by Pixiu, seeks to make online casino experiences universally available, specifically catering to players with disabilities. These individuals often encounter challenges with traditional games due to motor limitations and other physical restrictions. By integrating features such as voice commands, joystick compatibility, and eye motion sensors, Pixiu strives to usher in an era where all players can enjoy their favourite games within a secure and responsible setting.

This collaborative effort mirrors the lottery operator’s dedication to advancing accessibility rights for individuals with disabilities in their jurisdiction. The shared aspiration between Pixiu and the lottery operator is that this innovative accessible game will not only provide an entertaining experience for all players but also set a precedent, encouraging other developers to be more inclusive in their offerings.

Edgar Hernández, Product Specialist at Pixiu Gaming, said: “This is a really important project for Pixiu; our company culture is built on the desire to be a catalyst for meaningful change and with our first accessible game we are doing just that.

“The provincial lottery operator that we are developing the game with is a global driving force in the accessibility and improving the rights of people with disabilities, so it’s great to come together on this project. The first title will be a fully-featured slot open to all players, irrelevant of their physical limitations, a genuine step-change in the iGaming industry’s ability to reach a wider audience.

Jenny Lu,  Strategic Consultant at Pixiu Gaming , added: “This project has been going for some time and is a material milestone for Pixiu and for the wider industry,   furthering our commitment to accessibility and driving real change.

“This is baked into our company culture and we already do things such as donating to charity instead of sending corporate gifts and supporting projects that give back to communities including giving a portion of our profits to the Dan Marino Foundation.

“I can’t wait to see the game launch and for it to lead to further progress in the area of accessibility and inclusion.”

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