Play’n GO Reveals Their Wilde Card in Gerard’s Gambit

Play’n GO welcomes a new family member to their popular Wilde franchise in their new educative online slot, Gerard’s Gambit.

Gerard’s Gambit takes players on an ever-unfolding journey alongside the black sheep of the renowned Wilde family, Gerard Wilde. From the tombs beneath the dunes of Egypt to the lost temples of the Mexican rainforests, Gerard will risk it all to reclaim the honour of the Wilde family name.

This innovative adventure-themed slot game has two goals — to teach newer players about traditional slot mechanics, which will progress in complexity as they advance through the levels, and to provide everyone with an engaging and fresh way to play. Gerard’s Gambit charts a course into undiscovered territory with this truly unique take on video slot games.

With ten different levels to discover, each with its own exciting theme, players will start with a straightforward 3×1 reel with one payline at level one, and eventually progressing to a full 5×3 reel with ten paylines at level nine. The objective here will be to earn three wins. Once each level’s tasks are completed, the reel will expand, revealing new challenges, larger reels, more symbols, and advanced features such as Free Spins and Scatters.

Play’n GO strives to offer fun and rewarding experiences to players wherever possible. Making this genre of gaming increasingly accessible to new players, while also providing enthusiasts with ground-breaking new ways to play, is sure to broaden this passionate audience and keep fans coming back for more.

Fans of Play’n GO’s Book of Dead titles, such as Cat Wilde and the Pyramids of Dead and Rich Wilde and the Tome of Madness, will go wild for this brand-new addition to the family. Delve deeper than ever before in search of artifacts and treasures that can help Gerard regain his status among his talented family.

Head of Game Retention at Play’n GO, George Olekszy said, “We’re excited to have fans set out on this thrilling new adventure and experience something different to the paths they’ve trodden before.

“With the Book of Dead series being one of our most popular IPs, it made sense to uncover a brand-new route for fans to take and expand upon the lore of the Wilde family.

“In Gerard’s Gambit, not only will fans be introduced to the rugged and mysterious Gerard Wilde, but they’ll also get to try out a great new way to play slot games and develop a deeper understanding of the traditional mechanics of these games. With the expanding reels mechanic helping new players not get overwhelmed and offering an entirely new way to play for veteran players, this is sure to be an unforgettable journey.”

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