Prophet Exchange Expands to Ohio

Prophet Exchange’s launch last month in New Jersey was the first step in revolutionizing the sports betting experience in the U.S.; its imminent arrival in Ohio takes it one step further.

Using Prophet Exchange—the first peer-to-peer exchange of its kind in the United States— bettors in Ohio will benefit from better odds and bigger profits than they would experience at traditional sportsbooks. It already has the best odds in New Jersey, and is set to bring their superior price advantage to Ohio.

Sports betting in Ohio officially begins on January 1, 2023, with Prophet Exchange aiming to offer bettors a superior alternative to existing U.S. operators in the first half of 2023. Prophet Exchange will mark its arrival in the Buckeye State with a partnership with the Columbus Blue Jackets.

Prophet Exchange acts as an intermediary while taking on no risk, and simply allows users to set prices, or place bets on prices already set by other users. Prophet Exchange does not add margin or vig to its odds and sets no limits to wagers, as long as customers have a counterparty to match their bet. The exchange then passes this unique benefit directly to the customer, by offering better prices.

For instance, on Monday Night Football in Week 4, Prophet Exchange was offering the Rams at +116 and the 49ers at -117, while Sportsbooks had the Rams at +105 and 49ers at -125. This is just one example of many highlighting the superior prices on Prophet Exchange as opposed to a traditional operator.

In addition to offering unbeatable prices on NFL games, Prophet Exchange offers moneyline, spread and total markets for NBA, NHL, MLB and NCAA Football & Basketball games.

“After our hugely successful debut in our home state of New Jersey, we are thrilled to bring the exchange betting model to Ohio,” says Prophet Exchange Co-Founder and CEO Dean Sisun. “Although commonplace in markets like the UK, exchange betting is a brand new concept in the United States—and our expansion is another big step in our mission to become the mainstream sports betting platform in the country.”

Prophet Exchange launched in New Jersey in August 2022, making an immediate impact by offering customers better prices on every team in the opening weeks of the NFL season.

“Ohio is set to become one of the biggest sports betting markets in the nation, so we are delighted that bettors will be able to take advantage of our superior pricing in the new year,” says Prophet Exchange Co-Founder and COO Jake Benzaquen. “We’re also very excited to partner with the Columbus Blue Jackets, whose major league pedigree will bring greater attention to exchange betting, and help Ohio bettors make more money from their wagers than they would with traditional sportsbooks.”

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