QTech Games Deal Expands BetGames Distribution

QTech Games, the leading games distributor for Asia and emerging markets, has extended its partnership with BetGames, the foremost live-dealer betting games supplier. This expanded agreement aims to expand BetGames’ global audience by broadening its distribution to new territories, beyond the successful content distribution already achieved in Asia.

The partnership allows QTech Games to distribute BetGames’ entire portfolio of live-dealer and betting games to Rest of the World (RoW) markets, from their latest titles to classic games such as Wheel of Fortune and Bet on Baccarat, which have already gained traction across various demographics and geographies.

BetGames has earned its reputation as one of the industry’s most innovative and exciting live-dealer and betting-games suppliers with its immersive betting experience, ease of use, and high bet rates. With headquarters in Vilnius, Lithuania, and an additional hub in Malta, BetGames’ team comprises more than 250 dedicated professionals.

QTech Games consolidates its position as a key partner in propelling the BetGames brand across global markets, with a significant presence in Asia and various emerging markets, from Eastern Europe to Africa and Latin America.

The thriving live-dealer domain continues to attract a worldwide fanbase, and BetGames’ innovative and authentic live-betting games provide yet another eloquent example. They are now able to reach new markets, backed by the fastest-growing distributor across emerging markets. QTech Games’ platform offers the widest gaming portfolio, localized for each region, with native mobile apps, robust reporting and marketing tools, and 24/7 local-language support.

John-Paul Rowland, VP Europe, Asia & the Americas at BetGames said, “QTech Games is a renowned and respected distributor with an impressive client base, and we’ve been taken with the work they’ve already done for us in Asia. Which is why we’ve now widened the scope of the agreement to include RoW. We look forward to taking further advantage of their progressive platform to showcase our live-dealer content to a truly global audience.  

“The enlarged deal with QTech Games can build on our ongoing success together, given that this aggregator and platform provider has routinely demonstrated its credentials as a great judge of online casino content to both established and emerging markets.

“At BetGames, we bridge the gap between sports betting and casinos. Whether it’s top titles like Wheel of Fortune or Bet on Poker, our unique, in-house developed products are tailored to drive engagement and long-term retention. We are confident that this partnership will allow us to continue our drive into new markets and benefit from the opportunities they bring.”

Daniel Long, CCO at QTech Games added, “We’re delighted to have grown our partnership with BetGames outside Asia, and it’s an honour to be entrusted with exploiting their RoW distribution rights across markets which we know like the back of our hand. BetGames is a constant force and source of vibrant, varied and visually stunning games which raise the bar for live-dealer content.

“This integration marks another welcome expansion for QTech Games’ premium platform which is leading the way across Asia and other key emerging markets, many of which represent new ground for BetGames. As a result, we look forward to seeing how these games perform across regions where presenting the correct localised mix is imperative.

“Delivering the finest and most engaging igaming experiences is a hallmark of our platform, and live-dealer is an essential gaming vertical to get right in this regard. After all, with its heavy reliance on personnel and infrastructure when it comes to dealers and studio requirements, only the best product will connect with existing and unfamiliar audiences in untapped markets. Therefore, we’re thrilled to have BetGames as a key component in our live-casino arsenal.”

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