RocketPlay Launches New Sports Jackpots Feature

RocketPlay has launched its new Sports Jackpots feature, aimed at enhancing the igaming experience for those interested in sports betting. The feature has been organized into three tiers: Gold, Silver, and Bronze, and offers players opportunities to win based on their wagers.

The structure of Sports Jackpots is straightforward. Each bet placed by a user contributes to the cumulative jackpot pool spanning all tiers. The breakdown is as follows:

  • Bets starting at €5 are eligible for the Bronze jackpot.
  • Bets beginning at €30 can qualify for both the Bronze and Silver jackpots.
  • Bets of €50 or more are in contention for all three jackpots: Bronze, Silver, and Gold.

A noteworthy aspect of this feature is that winnings are not subject to any additional wagering requirements.

To be a part of Sports Jackpots, players must place their wagers on the RocketPlay platform. With every bet made, they are automatically entered into the jackpot draw. The jackpots adjust in real-time based on the total amount wagered, ensuring a constantly shifting and engaging igaming experience. Furthermore, as players increase their betting amounts, their prospects for securing the Gold jackpot rise. The winners are chosen randomly, which injects an added layer of anticipation into the igaming experience.

In the realm of igaming, RocketPlay has established its presence as an online casino and has seen growth in various regions, including Germany and Australia. Their player base has doubled in the past two years. The company has initiated distinctive marketing endeavors and engages its audience with activities such as multiplier races and progressive quests. RocketPlay’s commitment to player satisfaction is evident from the feedback it receives on platforms like AskGamblers and Trustpilot, where it holds an 8.7 out of 10 rating. Additionally, it has been recognized by and

RocketPlay encourages participants to try out their new Sports Jackpots feature and immerse themselves in this fresh igaming sports experience.

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