Shazam, Just Like That! What iGaming Can Learn From SnapOdds

It seems incredible for such a relatively young industry but as the digital sportsbook business continues to grow, and age, so too does its demographic of players. 

An “ageing” audience–coupled with a highly competitive marketplace– means that operators face the constant battle for engagement. 

In order to acquire fresh sports bettors, and keep them coming back, the industry must innovate and find new ways to interact with the players, ensuring to adapt to the latest leading-edge trends that are emerging.

Viral apps such as Shazam have set a new benchmark for audience engagement, so we caught up with tech pioneer, Thomas Willomitzer, Founder & CEO of SnapOdds, to hear his thoughts on the future of sportsbook engagement – and, furthermore, to learn from one of the leaders of the social app industry how to boost our iGaming sector.

The sportsbook industry is notoriously competitive and almost saturated in some regions. How can operators use the SnapOdds solution to stand out from the crowd without too much extra cost?

“In such a highly competitive industry, and sports betting is not the only one for which the answers are true, standing out from the crowd requires a strategic focus on product quality, innovation, convenience and focus on mobile first/mobile friendliness. SnapOdds, also known as the “Shazam for sports betting”, leverages and amplifies these factors:

“Product Quality: Prioritising product quality means offering an unparalleled user experience. SnapOdds has user proof that it drastically improves user experience, interfaces and seamless navigation to ensure users can easily access and place bets on their favourite sports in the shortest possible time with zero friction. Shazam!

“Innovation: Being at the forefront of innovation itself, SnapOdds helps operators to differentiate themselves. Introducing features, such as SnapOdds captures users’ attention and keeps them engaged. Continuous innovation demonstrates a commitment to enhancing the betting experience and staying ahead of the competition. SnapOdds itself will evolve with future offerings that all customers can easily adopt. Hint: think of “Pokemon GO” for sports betting, where treasures are behind each game a user snapped.

“Convenience: Convenience is key in attracting and retaining users. SnapOdds offers this in an unparalleled way with mind-blowing technology. Implementing a seamless one-snap bet placement feature drives adoption, engagement and retention.

“Mobile-Friendliness: In today’s age, mobile-friendliness is non-negotiable. SnapOdds ensures the best and fully optimised mobile first “Shazam for sports betting” experience.

“By focusing on product quality, innovation, convenience, and mobile-friendliness, SnapOdds helps operators to set themselves apart from competitors, attracting and retaining a loyal user base without the need for excessive extra costs.”

Casual bettors make up the majority of the betting audience but have the lowest levels of brand loyalty. How can products like those offered by SnapOdds help reactivate these types of players?

“With its unique features and user-friendly interface, SnapOdds can effectively re-engage these types of players and keep them coming back to the platform.

“Low to No CAC (Customer Acquisition Cost): SnapOdds presents a cost-effective strategy for re-engagement. Instead of investing in expensive customer acquisition campaigns to attract new users, SnapOdds can utilise its technology for social media campaigns and leverage “viralitz” and word-of-mouth referrals to bring back casual bettors.

“By increasing the volume of reactivation efforts using SnapOdds, the operators can save on marketing costs and achieve a higher return on investment.

“Real-Time Odds and Live Betting: Casual bettors are often drawn to the excitement of live events. SnapOdds’ live betting features create an immersive and dynamic betting experience, making it more appealing to this audience. The platform can capitalise on major sporting events or games that attract a broader audience, encouraging casual bettors to participate and place bets in the heat of the action with zero friction and a high social effect and attention.

“Intuitive Mobile Accessibility: As mentioned earlier, mobile-friendliness is crucial for engaging users, especially casual bettors who might prefer betting on the go. SnapOdds’ mobile-friendly platform enables easy access to betting opportunities anytime, anywhere, making it convenient for casual bettors to stay engaged – even while watching a game or attending an event.

“Social and Features: Creating a sense of community and interaction among users can increase engagement and encourage loyalty. SnapOdds can incorporate social features, such as sharing the snapping feature with friends. It’s highly viral. And, crucially, engaging.

“This emphasis on re-activation helps build stronger brand loyalty and contributes to the long-term success of SnapOdds for the competitive sports betting market.”

As the iGaming industry continues its digital transformation, do you think we, as an industry, are making the best use of mobile device capabilities? What can be done to improve this? Is innovation, for example, to0 expensive?

“The iGaming industry has made significant strides in its digital transformation, but there is still a lot of room for improvement in leveraging mobile device capabilities. Currently, many operators have mobile offerings, but they often follow similar formats, resulting in a lack of innovation and differentiation. Product is key.

“SnapOdds for operators stands out by providing an entirely new and user-friendly approach to obtaining betting options on mobile devices. With Snapodds embedded in an operator app or website, users can access odds in real time with truly zero friction, enabling them to make well-informed decisions and place bets seamlessly. This novel approach not only enhances the betting experience but also sets operators with SnapOdds apart.

“To further improve mobile capabilities across the industry, innovation is crucial. While some may perceive innovation as expensive, it doesn’t always have to be. SnapOdds is proof of this dictum.”

Are there any other interesting innovations you predict will change the shape of audience engagement in the next few years? How can operators align themselves to the best effect?

“My personal prediction is a much better offline-to-online convergence, which means carrying the excitement from the big screen–where all the big events with massive audiences happen–to actionable micro engagements and transactions. This will not happen on mobile devices until somebody solves the AR device “problem” that’s still in formation. On the other hand maybe Elon (Musk) will jump over all these devices with his Neuralink. Then ALL bets are off!”

Editor’s Note:

After speaking with Thomas–and he’s answered all our queries with utmost clarity, definition, and precision–it’s clear that there is an exciting future ahead for the sportsbook sector. 

Through utilising the full capabilities and potential power of mobile devices, companies like SnapOdds are creating new and innovative ways to engage audiences. 

They’re giving New Life to an “ageing” sector. And we look forward with great excitement to seeing what the future brings with this unfolding new tech.

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