SIS Agrees Long-Term Media Rights Deal with GTV

SIS have agreed a five-year deal with GTV to provide the majority of their filmed race fixtures starting on the 1st February 2021. Under the agreement, SIS have granted GTV exclusivity for those fixtures for direct-to-home broadcasting.

In addition to the race pictures, SIS will provide GTV with video streaming and data collection services. The agreement also provides syndication opportunities for GTV’s broadcast output both domestically and overseas, which SIS will market on a shared revenue basis with GTV.

Paul Witten, SIS Commercial Director, stated:

“This new agreement is a fantastic opportunity for SIS to provide highly competitive greyhound racing into the direct-to-home betting market over a substantial time period.

The fixtures that SIS will provide are part of SIS’ overall portfolio of 54 fixtures per week of top-quality greyhound racing delivered to the worldwide market for betting operators in retail and online formats.

We are sure the RPGTV audience will find the content exciting, and with RPGTV now broadcasting in HD every part of the action will be crystal clear.

We are looking forward to working with GTV and their shareholders to deliver the best greyhound racing on the GTV channel”.

Kevan Moretti, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of GTV commented:

“GTV will be broadcasting most of our fixtures from SIS’s track portfolio from February. We are delighted that many of the tracks that RPGTV broadcast from prior to 2018, will now return to RPGTV.

GTV’s new arrangements also allow GTV to take on a significant and expanded number of Category-1 events and other premium fixtures from non-SIS tracks.

We thank ARC and the ARC tracks for their support which we hope will continue. For us, it is key that RPGTV remains the home for all greyhound racing.

We also look forward to broadcasting RPGTV in High-definition TV for the first time from February 1st.

These are exciting and busy times for RPGTV. After nine years of progressive expansion and success, this announcement is the first of many in the coming weeks that will signal improvement in both the viewing experience and the scope of racing content that we will be broadcasting.”

Clive Lawrence, Executive Producer of RPGTV, has also welcomed the announcement that the channel will be broadcast in HD from February 1st. He said:

“This is a real treat for our viewers, although I’m sure that some of the presentation team are not looking forward to it! We have been investigating upgrading the technical quality of the programme over recent months and we are delighted that GTV’s shareholders have made the substantial investment in the HD infrastructure and broadcast platform.”

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