Spectacular Kick Off for SiGMA Asia Summit 2024, Celebrating a Decade of Excellence

Marking the commencement of the SiGMA Asia Summit 2024 with a flourish, Master of Ceremonies, Mark Borg, laid the groundwork for an enriching exchange of knowledge and networking opportunities.

The SiGMA conference was officially inaugurated under the leadership of Eman Pulis, the founder of SiGMA. Alejandro Tengco, the Chairman of the board, played a significant role in the proceedings. The ribbon-cutting ceremony, marking the official opening of the conference, was performed by Eman Pulis, Alejandro Tengco and Neil Shih, Managing Director of SiGMA Asia (photo above). Their collective efforts set the stage for what promises to be an enlightening and engaging conference.

Behavioural design elements significantly increase player engagement by creating intuitive and enjoyable experiences. Key metrics for measuring engagement include player retention rates, average time spent in the casino, and customer satisfaction scores. Crystal pointed out that understanding and respecting cultural differences is crucial for designing casinos that resonate with local players.

With a mantra of global expansion while maintaining localisation, SiGMA grew from a single conference in Malta pre-COVID to eight worldwide conferences, providing opportunities for companies in the casino sector.

Shaping tourism in the Philippines through key market identification

Maria Margarita Montemayor Mograles, (photo on right), the COO of the Philippines Tourism and Promotions Board also made a significant contribution in her keynote. She spoke about the importance of creating experiences that truly matter in the tourism industry.

She said that the Philippines Tourism and Promotions Board has identified 13 key markets, each generating approximately 100,000 visitors annually. These markets include South Korea, Japan, China, Singapore, Malaysia, Taiwan, Hong Kong, India, USA, Canada, United Kingdom, Germany, and Australia.

The opening of the SiGMA Asia Summit was brought to life by a group of outstanding performers from the Cagayan Economic Zone Authority and Tourism Promotions Board Philippines (TPB), (below), who sponsored and orchestrated a captivating display of the vibrant local culture. This performance brilliantly offered attendees a glimpse into the rich heritage and lively energy of Manila, Philippines, truly encapsulating the city’s spirit.

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